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  1. a lot of things were thrown... dunno what are they b'cos police cordoned off the area already a lot of drama leh... firemen had to climb down from 10th floor to reach the 9th floor unit
  2. i remember the day when you were with your BF (then?) and we went on a house tour...
  3. it has been 2 years since most of us got our keys almost 2.5 years since this thread was opened on Jun 25 2007
  4. The owner does not look like someone we can talk to put notice on letter box?
  5. binzz I'm sure we are talking abt the same unit... lower floor than us right 1 golden retreiver, 1 beagle & 1 more unknown "guilty-as-charged" super loud small dog
  6. I think only those #164 owners can hear the dogs very clearly... unless you're telling me you're not #164 and you can still hear the barks
  7. it must be a young puppy getting used to the surroundings, but even on weekends, the owner does not seem bothered to shut it up. once, i think the owner was abusing the dog and i had to shout "oie" before the abusing stopped... i think it is a case of neglect, which is sad... i feel like calling SPCA too... ask them to camp around @ 7am and settle the issue once and for all... but if we call them and there is no barking, we're wasting their time, isn't it?
  8. I'll make the effort to save for their education & save for my own retirement. It'll be a bonus if they are willing to support me when I have $0 but I believe I can save enough till my last breathe ($30/day for 30 years when I reach 50)
  9. Yeah... U guys can go ahead and call her She may not know me as Kelvin, refer me as Yao Guang (LKY opposite)