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  1. it depends too on value of property. for example, sentosa landed legal fees can go up to over $30k.
  2. Started recon works jan-10, top dec-10. Just fyi as reference, about 3000sq ft land size, originally 3500sq ft built-up (2 storey) recon to 6500sq ft built-up (3+attic storey). total at 1.8mil now and still creeping due to materials chosen and still choosing (include professional fees for architect, builder, qs, pe, designer, intended carpentry).
  3. Anyone know when is next Teka discount period going to happen? Thanks~
  4. Can ask where u got your marble? I got my floor marble in slabs cut to size from Mondo. Now thinking if to get the toilet marble from them too. Pricing is quite through the roof. But went their workshop and all the marble slabs are really beautiful!
  5. Really? Must go check out the decor! Wow, time flies and you have sold your place too? Seems like yesterday when we were all renovating our place..
  6. Met up with an ID Consultant today. She mentioned current market consulting charge is 5% of project cost. However, she proposed a flat fee of $15k to me. We are reconstructing our place 2 storey corner terrace to 3+loft storey - total 6 bedrooms and she estimates the reno cost to be about $100k. Quite puzzled, isn't it 15% consulting charge then? We are not sure if to hire ID consultant or IDs. Which is more cost effective? Or which will give better work? Or which will give better design? Appreciate advice!!!
  7. Works in progress. Now builder chasing for ID. I'm not sure to engage ID consultants (charge a flat fee or percentage) or IDs (packaged deal includes consulting and all works such as carpentry). Met up with an ID consultant today whom want to charge flat fee of $15k for 7 months of work (target completion date is nov'10). Is it reasonable? Any recommendations please pm me!!
  8. Currently using YMH builders. Tracked some of their works before finally using them. Very efficient and responsible. PM me for contacts.
  9. i sold my place on my own too. 2nd appt was last dec. very simple straight forward and easy process even for documentations!! now trying to rent out my new place (getting keys next week) on my own using the same avenue - internet! i love the power of technology in today's world. response is decent.
  10. Anyone knows what's the difference for the above? Moving into a rented place shortly and would like to engage pre-move in cleaning professionals so wondering what type to use.
  11. Anyone know where I can buy the plate/cover and screws etc so I can get the renovation contactor to fix it back? Called HDB hotline and they gave me Ho Bee and Team Building renovation contractor numbers but they don't sell also.
  12. as a seller i'm ok if the buyer is viewing for the second time and requests to do the above (except the washer part unless they tell me before hand to put my clothes to wash and i wouldn't mind accomodating if its my usual laundry day). viewing second time means that the buyer is really keen about the unit. but if its the first viewing and the buyer started pulling my drawers opening my cupboards, i think that's quite rude! as a buyer, i'm don't think i'll go to the extreme of asking the neighbours up down left right to on their tvs loudly or switching on all the seller's appliances ie washer?!?!?... but the rest of the suggestions are really good ideas..
  13. Just to share my experiences because I have bought and sold 2 resale flats and they are through different modes. RESALE FLAT 1: We had our own agent whom is a old family friend. He arranged all the viewings nicely - one night view at least 3 units for a few nights. Gave his opinions on the units seen. Finally decided on one unit, he negotiated the price. Saw through all the paperwork and accompanied us for the HDB appointments. Paid 1% commission. When we wanted to sell it after six years, we tried to do it on our own initially by posting online. A few agents approached us wanting to bring their buyers to view our unit. I made known I was not willing to pay them any commission as their buyer will pay them since they are acting as the buyer's agent so will be against my benefit. A few of them subsequently did not arrange to bring their buyers. However, there was this agent whom still continously brought his buyers. He had a discussion with us wanting to market our unit ie newspapers. We came to an agreement that we will give him exclusive but reduced commission of 0.5% with increased commission to 1% if the unit is sold above a certain price. We finally sold it at a reasonable price but below the kicker so paid him 0.5%. He did all the paperwork for the sale and also accompanied us for the HDB appointments. RESALE FLAT 2: We wanted to find our second home on our own to save on commission. Started by sourcing online. Made appointments to view the units on our own. During the second week we started our search, we made an offer to the third unit we viewed. The seller had an agent (his cousin). The agent did not mentioned any commission when we arranged the viewing or during the viewing. When we made the offer, we also highlighted that we are not intending to pay him any commission. So if he wants to sell the unit to us, he have to accept it, otherwise we will continue to look around. As usual, he started telling us it is the market practice etc but we were not buying it. But in the end, he negotiated for a flat fee to do the paperwork which we are agreeable. I think it was about $500. That was nearly three years ago and we decided to move even nearer to my parents so we are moving once again. Posted online again to advertise too. I guess nowadays, people are really getting more internet savvy. I managed to arranged many viewings with direct buyers. There was a few agents but I maintained my stance that I will not pay them any commission. As usual, they back off. Sometimes when I think about it, I pity their buyers for missing out on such opportunities. And what do these agents gain? Not much, because most sellers have agents and if they bring their own buyers to these units, they don't get any commission either (unless co-broke? i have no idea how they work). Anyways, I sold my place to a direct buyer. The buyer is happy to save nearly $5k commission and I'm even happier to save nearly $10k. We did the paperwork on our own. Being HDB flat, it's really very simple. HDB even conduct classes for DIY resale process!! I find that the commission structure for buy/sell HDB flats should be reviewed and regulated. It's way too broad and way way too high. This increases the temptations for unscrupulous agents manipulate sellers/buyers. It's not like ages ago where the only medium was through newspapers and it was very expensive to advertise. Prices have come down a lot and online advertising is more of the norm now.
  14. Thanks! Will still be in the neighbourhood!!
  15. i hear people in the pte ppty construction business saying prices will not sustain and more likely to go down. i wonder whats causing all the buying of new homes lately.