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  1. Hi all, am planning to buy my appliances. Saw on the home and decor magazine there is this brand called sub zero. called them up and went to alexandra to see their units. all very nice. however, the staff not very friendly and quite stuck up. any other pple have experience with these brands? Wanted to get the subzero fridge and the wolf range top. if anyone know where can get better price. let me know.
  2. Hi all - I am looking to engage a contractor for the reconstruction of my intermediate terrace from 2 storey to 3 storey with a swimming pool. Can any interested contractors please email me at shamustan@gmail.com directly? Please also provide any referrals of completed projects for screening. Thank you. If any brothers and sisters who also know of any good and reliable contractors. would also be grateful if you can forward their details to me. Regards, Joel
  3. Hi - can someone let me know who are the guys that build pools? Do you need a special contractor to build a pool?
  4. Wanted to find out from fellow forumers whether or not they have ever used Wood Doctor? How is their pricing like compared to other competitors? don't konw of any others out there so would appreciate any kind of advice. What is the normal pricing for teak, cherry wood and chengal wood (for outside) ?? Thanks!!
  5. Wanted to find out from forumers what they think of Miele versus Gaggenau What are the pros and cons? Price wise is about the same right?
  6. Brothers and Sisters, Want to find out about the price differences if I wanted to do ducted air conditioning as opposed to split systems. Thanks!!
  7. Hi All, Have decided to go with a reconstruction and have also got an architect to start on the design. After reading some posts. I have gone on to search for materials myself. Who are the best marble suppliers in Singapore that can provide a good deal and what is the price range if one wanted to get a white marble type. Next question I have is. If I buy all the materials myself, how would I be able to negotiate the price for my construction? Normally it is the contractor who buys the materials for me and will makan a bit from there right? Any advise and direction will be appreciated.
  8. thanks all.... i have engaged an architect already. i guess what i am trying to do now is to find a good and cheap contractor if such a thing exists loh. Victor said that he sourced his materials himself? Can one really get it cheaper if they do so? I thought contractors would know the guys more and be able to get better price? Also - when do you know if there is a sale for such things. (marble, toilet fixtures, kitchen cabinets all this ah?) do we have a thread here which notifies brothers and sisters on when there is a good sale?
  9. Thanks for the information guys... Just wondering if 300psf is the standard cost? Can it be lower than that? How does one breakdown finishing and actual construction work? Would I be able to do a reconstruction with a budget of 160-200psf? Any advice will be grateful. Will contact Mak as well to find out more. If I were to do a rebuild. I would have to setback to 7.5m. very bo hwa as now it is a small plot of land so every metre matters to me. do rebuild also must build bomb shelter. another waste of space. if one day really got war. fly away already. where got wait to sit in bomb shelter one. any other advice would be greatly appreciated. Does design really make the construction more expensive?
  10. All brothers and sisters. I just bought an intermediate terrace. land size 1650sqft. 2 stories only. Unit was slightly renovated more than 10 years ago. This is my first home and it is for my family and I will live in it. Have a few questions which would appreciate advice from all here. Firstly. what is the difference btw A&A, Reconstruction. Rebuild is obvious to me. Secondly, What are the costs today? I spoke to a few contractors and they say that is costs about $300/psf today. Seems very high to me especially since I have read some of the other brothers posts. Construction costs on newspapers say they go down but when I ask these guys, they all say they very busy and that costs never go down. Would appreciate any brother who can recommend me some good guys that I can use for this. I think the work that will need to be done is substantial. Thanks all in advance.