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  1. Thanks for the reply!Actually the size we are looking at is 10m x 3.5m......should be ok i think
  2. My wife and I are undecided on whether to add a pool in our house. We have been reading the topics on pool discussion in the forum andlike to seek the advise of actual pool owners currently: 1) What is the actual maintenance cost monthly 2) What is the actual water+ electricity cost monthly 3) Any major maintenance(pump change etc) for 5 years?? Thanks for all the feedback!
  3. Does anyone know the current rate for a lap pool now???About 10m by 4m including the the full works. Thx!
  4. Hi All, in the midst of the reconstruction of my house and although it will not be ready till Mar next year, still looking out for landscaping of my garden(Kiasu ) Anyone has any recommendations and an estimate cost? Thanks!
  5. sub

    Bca Drawings

    AM4 and ST4 shd be the latest revision
  6. On a different take, is it true that for a fully paid freehold property, once you take a mortage loan from the bank the land reverts to a leasehold type till you paid up the loan?
  7. you are right. no charge. My house could have gone much bigger but got budget constrain
  8. its about therre, some items more some less,, in the end average still the same. Now toying with the idea of construction firm for structural, ID for reno. Needs coordination though
  9. Am new to the forum, need some advise here. Renovating my current house - 2 storey corner terrace to a 3 storey with extensions to front and back. GFA is from current 232sqm to new 487 sqm(site area is 454 sqm, plot ratio 1.07). Layout and structure approved by URA and BCA, currently looking for tenders. Figures i have been getting is ard 540k - 580k excluding furnishings. Just wanna know is this ok. If there are more recommendations, am willing to get it from all the folks here