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  1. in todays society, a happy event of collecting keys to ones new home, furnishing and sharing it amongst forummers can be dampened by some sour post. the smell of a new home, seeing for the first time a physical layout vs a brochure layout after a few years brings immense joy. don't blow out a new home owner's enthusiasm. isnt this forum about sharing our joys and challenges in making a house our home? where has today's graciousness amd civility gone too?
  2. was stuck in traffic behind a goods van along bras basah road and saw the sticker www.equip-bathrooms.com and decided to search for it on my Iphone. as I just got my keys to my condo at rochester last week, decided to replace some of the taps(too simple for my liking) and replace some bath accessories. dropped by last night to plaza singapura with the CFO, saw some nice taps by IB Rubi something from Italy. i tell you, normally the wifey is in total control, this time round, after seeing the live water display, she was asking me whether to choose the bamboo looking Only One tap or the waterfall Love Me tap. In the end, bought both as need to change the master and common toilet. As we had to fetch the kids, we quickly chose two towel rails and two toilet roll holders, also Italian brand. On the way out, saw this retro standalone bath tub by Victoria & Albert, the sales person told us its a claw-foot tub made of volcanic limestone, fits the smallest bathroom. CFO, can change master bathtub?
  3. great insight. this is mighty costly, a step further would be a total reconstruction of the house from scratch. i will most likely scout for roof tiles/etc change. my better half prefers that we replace roof tiles and make good the provisioned 3rd floor(add tiles, bathroom, windows, skylight) as we need more space.
  4. my present roof with the previous heavy rains experienced leaks still occurring even after a repair done 1.5 years back. This is now a new leak area. the last big rain occurred had rain dripping in all over my study table and wetting my laptop. I am now considering: 1/ replacing whole new roof - get it over and done with 2/ build a 3rd floor to house a new Master Bedroom (it was in the previous owner's design but was not carried through) with a new barrel roof has anyone been through this process 1 and/or 2. Do i have to move out while the works are in progress and what is the cost estimate for the works and how long will this take? Architect required? BCA approval? this is for a semi-d. help!
  5. was flipping the classifieds and saw a advert on the construction of lap pool at $35k. anyone has added a lap pool to an existing semi-d? how big, long, deep, should it be? also how much did u pay and how long it took to complete the job?