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  1. hi, wonder if anyone can recommend suitable contractor to fix my roof roof roughly how much would it cost? thanks
  2. hi, first time submitting income tax for rental of our HDB flat so need some help... what are the related expenses i can claim relief? is it compulsory that my spose and i declare the rental income 50-50% ? thanks
  3. i rented out my whole flat and now is about time to discuss about renewal for another year...they have been pretty good tenant, so i don't mind extending the lease if the price is right how can i find out what is the market rate at my area now? do i need to engage my previous agent to do paper work etc? or can i just do myself? anything else to look out for?
  4. i have signed up for 3 years fixed interest rate at about 2% one year has passed and i don't think interest rate is going to rise anytime soon... how do i proceed to evaluate whether to refinance my loan (and pay penalty) and switch to a variable rate? consult the current bank or a mortgage consultant?
  5. thanks for the tips... unfortunately the house was rebuilt only a few years ago but the owners didn't see the need then... i have also asked a friend whom advised which contractor NOT to engage
  6. hi, my relative is looking for options to build a home elevator for their 2.5 storey house anyone with experience to share? what to look out for and what is the estimated cost? any contractor to refer? thanks
  7. your analysis is correct financial advisors would advise against repaying HDB debt with your CPF $ there is no real benefit except for the 0.1% saving however, the benefit of keeping the $ in CPF are as follows 1) buffer against loss of income 2) if something happens to you, insurance pay the remaining of the loan 3) can invest your CPF $ (on shares or even endowment funds) for better returns
  8. last saturday after thunderstorm, i went home and my auto gate cannot be opened... realised that the circut breaker has kicked in... i switch the power back on and open the gate (once) - but subsequently the circuit breaker kicks in whenever i try to open/close the gate... now the gate cannot be opened (and the power no longer trip) looks like the motor is damaged? is it a common problem? any contacts? (i have no idea who to call)
  9. for my house reno - red bricks were use for exterior walls and hollow ones for interior walls... don't know if it is the norm or contractor trying to save $
  10. came home yesterday but unable to open the automatic gate... after coming into the house, realised that there has been a power-trip went to circuit board, pushed the switch up, and electric supply for whole house resumed was able to activate the gate once, but subsequent activation caused the power to trip and after a few tries, the gate stopped working... the power trip again in the middle of last night, and also this evening when we were all out for dinner... does this look like an electrical issue or power-gate issue?
  11. here is what i think: realise that car is an (expensive) luxury item understand that you lose $ when you sell/change car - regardless of "break even" point buy the cheapest car you like drive for as long as you can enjoy your car...
  12. if you own a HDB, and are unsure of your eligibility, better check with HDB before putting down your deposit/OTP for the private property... or else the $ will be GONE if you are not eligible... you may try to ask HDB for exemption (eg when i stayed in my flat for 4.5 years i wrote to HDB telling them i would like to get a private property that is near to my child's school and i got their green light in about a week)
  13. that is correct - you have to find tenant first then apply... if you meet the requirements (esp minimum occupation period), your application will be approved (immediately if i remember correctly)
  14. is it the norm that tenant eventually pays for both property tax and TV license? another way to interpret the paragraph is that the "tax payable" refers to GST on the gas/water etc and not talking about property tax...
  15. the clause states that: "to pay and discharge all payments and outgoings against all charges for the supply of gas, water,...television and radio license fees, and any other installations fitted or used at the said premises including any tax payable thereon and to indemnify the landlord against the same" so tenant has to pay the TV license fees payable to MDA? the "tax payable" here means GST?