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  1. noted. i suppose there are different views on point 2 and how to treat it, and the outcome would be different. Also, wrt to point 3. opportunity cost, if there is a portion held in cash, the outcome would also be different since interest rates/returns are low. really admire your can-do attitude! All the best for your program!
  2. thanks! i always learn a lot from your posts! so your return on 31,682 is already net of the 7k realised loss? and your return includes positive capital gain on sold stocks? is the return of 31,682 also after take into account the "paper" loss of stocks unsold but selling at lower price than you bought (since 121,032.76 > 73,600)? How do fund managers treat these?
  3. just curious. what was the value of your stock as at the end of 2011 (ie. purchased price is 121,032.76, market price of these was?) were the returns (31,682.29) derived from dividend payments or from gains made on buy/sell, etc?
  4. on hdb website, look at the resale checklist that sellers need to fill out - addresses the timing bit quite clearly. anyway, always best to clarify and/or confirm with HDB.
  5. he/she posted he/she bought this june at 60.22. in any case, closing now will attract additional account closure fee of $30 (account open less than 6 months) and gst on the fees (see link happyhouse88 provided) how do these change the result calculated? thanks!
  6. sorry, i don't get what you are trying to say. the closing prices today for your deposit are still in your favour, no? did you have a target price/value in mind when you started out? tia!
  7. gold - could i ask what "form" did you buy it in? eg. the physical metal, etf, gold related stocks, etc? If ok, could you also share why you bought it in that "form"? Thanks v much!
  8. if so, would you not have to sell your pte when you buy your new hdb though?
  9. dryer sheets - i'm currently using Purex and Bounce, both are nice - some brands offer various different scents, which i can usually sniff at through the box before deciding which to take. linen water - it's like the water you spray on clothes before you put the iron to fabric, just that linen water is scented. essence laundry detergent - essence is the brand; i believe this is referring to a fabric softener.
  10. i use dryer sheets when i put the clothes into the dryer - clothes come out smelling nice. if you want to add scent during the ironing process, you can use linen water
  11. that would be one way of looking at it, and it would be nice if the 100k can generate overall returns enough to cover the interest on the 380k loan. likewise, it's also one way of looking at the actual return on, say, a 500k investment that can cover the interest payments on the loan, but the rate of return (percentage) may not be as attractive. for simplicity's sake, say the interest on the loan of 380k is 1% ie. 3800. a 3800 return on 500k investment is 0.76% - does that make the investment worth keeping? there are also hard-to-quantify factors like peace of mind, your partner's wishes, etc cos some people are just not comfortable with debt. also there are liquidity factors too - whether investments can be realised fast enough for one's purposes etc etc i'm trying to learn as much as possible from you more experienced ones; would love to hear how you decide in the end
  12. wow, that's like 47 + 29 = 76. Anyway, you have flexibility since you purchased before many changes came into place, so i'm curious to see what you decide snd the reasoning behind it
  13. orh, for family harmony la - definitely impt, priceless. what's the tenure of your 800k loan? and if you've used cpf to pay down/off your hdb loan, what are the requirements you must meet should you want to use cpf also for the other loan? (assuming balance above minimum sum/2 for both your wife and your accounts, assuming also you both are joint owners?)