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  1. Dear Landlord, Please pm me. ( No commission) Direct Tenant.
  2. cos' your time interest rate not so low meh.... aniway, we have park the $$ in fd etc. Cos' FD interest rate is higher than borrowing rate. Not really 1m in absolute liability meh.
  3. Salvation is by grace and not by works. Going to church and follow the scripture does not make u a Christian, just like priests in Jesus's time. It's His graces that lead you to understand His wisdom. Anyway, Everything work for the Good of His people. I hope we dun equate the level of 'christian' by going or not going to church . Believe or not believe in fs. For it by grace, that we believe. Pls dun belittle anyone in the process. Pls dun promote self-righteousness.
  4. Seriously, sell house / buy house is not cheap.. process cost 30k at least. from renovation to new furnishing , mover fee , stamp duty etc. That's part of the cost is on top of the buying price. So need to think twice abt sell and buy. Understand how the parents feel but, if you dun have spare cash to "facilitate" the process and rely on loans alone, i dun think it's wise. Boy just come out to work.. already talking abt taking big loans...*shake head* At the age of 51, i do expect them to have at least 100k in the bank. i think the government is right to stop them from buying new house.. it's to protect them for falling into debts.
  5. me ? ... i maxed my loan, borrowed close to 1mil.. then sit on cash and cpf (2.5% interest mah).... but that's 50% of the property loan in fixed dep and CPF .. to wait for interest rate go up , then do partial repayment.. think our strategy is different.. you pay early , sit on a smaller loan. For me ,i put them in "safe" deposit. this $$ cannot touch. *scratching hands* i only play to excess in the stock mkt. ** just to add, i very KS one. i put in local bank and not foreign bank.** cos i also scare bank close shop. you can consider dbs lah.. but hor..if later rules change and you need to pay more for re-financing after X years.. or worse, bank thinks that no one will do re-financing because of the cost.. 3 yrs later charge you high high.. and you LL.. for me i may rather pay abit and change to ANZ where the 0.8 is fixed.. like that no need to worry bank change 2/3 yrs time.
  6. seriously.. why move house ? 51 liao.. hdb fully paid.. but with less than 100k cash in the bank.. why take loan and burden yourself with a new commitment.. Furthermore, will complicate matters for the younger generation. If they find it squeeze, then rent out current house and rent a bigger flat lor .. every mth topup a few hundred. but at least no long term commitment. next time children married out.. then move again meh ? moving very tiring when you get older... aniway.. i believe enbloc coming soon also.. so wait awhile more lah.. buy new house.. not easy.. need to pay this , pay that. Renovation , moving cost.. all big big no. Seriously if you dun even have 60k to spare.. house come also no $$ to renovate , buy curtain , buy bed.
  7. default was .75 , and yes, we deposited 150k to qualified as priority to get the extra 0.05%.. difference is only $500 per year for 1 million loan,not much i would say.. but nothing to lose meh.. so just do it lor..after loan is granted.. you may close acct. aniway.. their stepup deposit now is 1.6% p.a. nothing to lose if you have 150k to spare. the best part of the deal.. is probably the fact that i dun need to re-finance.. lucky i take up ANZ.. else i will have fork out more cash when i due to re-finance,say 3 yrs, because we are 36 yrs with 30 yr loan.. my $$ sit in fixed dep also better than pay up loan.. .5% saving.. ha ha ha..
  8. is bank A , ANZ ? i took up their pkg earlier.. their variable rate is .7% + combo throughout the tenure... the good part is not only the low interest rate but also that it's throughout the tenure.. so unless there is a major change in the interest rate again.. no need to consider refinance...
  9. Sor amd sibor is low. But if ur package frm the bank has a high fixed component after x yrs then your rate will increase. Pls do ur maths and research before committing to any housing loans. Fail to do so may cost u ur future.
  10. wah.. which condo you stay ? Even in hdb, none of the owners allow pets to defecate in the lift..
  11. no doubt in a long run , landed will appreciate. However, mortgage loan of 2-3 mil requires more holding power that normal salaried professional can afford. If sh*t happens, really sh*t liao.. cos' mthly repayment is at >6k region. Even if you try to rent out to cover the mortgage, the pool of tenants is alot smaller and rental hardly covers 80% of the mortgage. Unlike condo/apt which rental shld cover ard 80% of the mortgage and we are missing 1-2k which could be cover by working extremely hard by taking up part-time jobs, downgrade to flat or stay with parents. Not also forgetting that.. it took 2 property cycles before the prices is pump up...so holding power mux be **** strong...
  12. Harlow Bro Bepgof, so what do you think is going to happen to sg? hyper-inflation then deflation. Heard news that aussie may have a mortgage problem soon because of rising default.
  13. Congrates on your new place, ex-neighbour ...hee hee Alot of neighbours sold and move to the east side....
  14. Do your numbers before you commit, it not like the price was not told to you before you select. It there, even before you ballot for it. That's to say , you accept the price. In any case, if you ask me .. BTO is the always a better buy, given that it's brand new with new 99 yr lease etc. But dun forget if you dun buy existing flat, you will need to fork out rental if you are not staying with your parents. it's a number game. But not as straightforwards and apple = $1 and durian=$2 then apple is a better buy. Then why is everyone eating durian?!? It's abit late to bargain with "HDB" liao for free this and that. I guess HDB already give you the best price. If you request for hacking etc.. all that will be factor into your buy price also.. *sheep hair come from sheep skin* no other way abt it.