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  1. Hi, We are true blue Singaporean and I really need help and advice from you. I am seeking your help on behalf of my sister. Currently they are staying in a 3 room HDB flat which been fully paid. They wish to upgrade to a bigger new HDB flat as 5 of them staying in a 3 room old flat are really squeezy.However HDB rejected their application (several times many years ago) as her husband is a self employed and my sister is not working and children still schooling which I can understand that they might not able to finance the loan. Right now, my brother in law is 51 years old. 2 children are still studying (1 in NUS final year and 1 just graduated from Poly going NUS after his 2 years' army). Eldest child is working (Sign on with RSAF as a pilot which he will help in financing the household cum the new flat. Now that they have successfully got a queue no. and chances are very high for a new flat but meantime very worry that they might not be able to do a contra and get S$60 thousand loan from HDB.After calculation for selling off the current house, the top up balance is approx. $120K. After 20% CPF deposit, there will be still some balance and with some cash, are we still able to get S$60K loan? Any chance of getting approval from HDB for house loan? Thank you smartyaclm
  2. Hi, I am new to this forum.Everythings seems to be failing at my house now. My reno contractor did not do a good job as he owed alot of $ to his supplier & sub contractor hence you can imagine the workmanship done in my house?? Right now, I need to : 1)Fix all my window grills lock, all came off. 2)The laminiate skirting of my platform came off, 3)Main door & lockset spoilt, metal gate rusty, wish to change a good solid main door & 3 bedroom doors 4)Worst of all is my kitchen countertop where the basin sits is sinking as the wooden support inside the cabinet rot and water sips in.I need to fix that soon as I worry my sink collapsing soon. Any recommendation to carry out all the work above, please? I have ever ask 1 renovation company just below my flat but they are not interested to do as to them is a waste of time doing this little gritty things than doing a full renovation in a house. Thank you - a miserable owner