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  1. It's been more than 1 yr since my renovation... I just a small update on aftersale service that i received from San@urban design.. One of my downstair neighbours complaint 2 wks back.. And i contacted San immediately. And he went down to check the VERY NEXT DAY ! . And mind you .. it's nearing CNY (their rush period), so most ID will just tell you they will get back afterwards if not "disappear" . No regrets getting him to renovate my place.
  2. why do you need fs audit, when God say that He's going to bless you?!? Dedicate the house to God. He will blesses those that enters the house. He promised hope and happiness, isnt that why is most impt.
  3. It is very difficult for non-believer to understand what I am talking abt. If i am a unbeliever, i think i would have thought the same that such actions are okay. A believer will think twice, whether or not they are convince abt the reasons behind such an comment. It will take God's guidance. Christian is abt faith in God. if there is no faith, then there is no christianity. Because we are beliving something that we cannot see or touch. Maybe that's why such action that signify show disbelief is lnot right. I , once, thought it was insignificate. And i did it to applease my in-laws. Things happened.. i didnt know why. ask the FS master, he also dun know. But he clearly say that my fortunate is great in these few years during the consultation. And also he say the new house is prefect for us. So FS prefect , bazi prefect.. why bad things happened ?!?!? and serious bad things... aniway..God gave me some answers and solved my problems. And i am compelled to share here because i wished that someone has reminded me then. Maybe then a life will be saved. Sometimes, ppls think.. why bad things happened to good ppl.. Actually, bad things are sometimes invited unknowingly.
  4. Why did you engage me since you have problem from the start? Sometimes.. it's better to "cut" off a bad id, then to prolong the pain. Lost abit better than lose alot..
  5. Hello,

    I am in the midst of deciding on which ID to engage and Urban Design is one of our shortlisted ID.

    Do you know on Janice Na? She's the ID who served us?

    Do you mind sharing with me on your experience with Urban and their quotation?

    Me email is kohyenlin@hotmail.com



  6. Wah.. great recomm. it's looks really good..Def worth the $$ paid.
  7. Can only say. This will put ppl that is thinking of putting their parents' name to buy pte after buying hdb/pte recently out of the game. Cos they would not be able to use her parents name to buy pte property and fork out less d/p. Loophole stopper I muz say.
  8. look like you only want to see what you want to see. 2008-2010 hardly recover from the earlier drop in the 1999 -2004 period.. And the drop in the early 2000 is steep.. very very steep..
  9. not sure how to read the chart given. If the chart is according to transaction value/psf. Then it may show landed has the highest risks since it drop with the highest gradient and didnt recover until the 2nd cycle.
  10. Jgal


    1) False ceiling & partition - complete by tmr (ID say : 1 day job only) 2) Carpentry - installation on thursday 3) Lights / Electricity - installation on tmr 4) Alumix wardrode - installation on Sat 5) Install glass -installation on Mon 6) Toiletry installation - installation on tmr 7) Praquet vanishing - Friday 8) Last round of painting - Tuesday 9) aircon installation - Monday Project was delayed a bit (4 Oct ) because we made some changes to partition and kitchen. But i am not complaining .. ha ha ha to complete these jobs in a short 6 wks.. is quite a feat :yamseng:
  11. Jgal


    Very happy with what i saw today. the ceiling and partition work are excellent. And i was pleasantly surprise by the tiling too. Here's some pic to share. Excellent flooring / the living room tiles gaps are small. Workmanship for the kitchen tiles is great too. And these are china tiles.. Excellent ceiling work & painting work / Painters said they spent alot of time scrapping off the old paint. And when i was there, the put plastic sheet to protect the tiles from getting strains.
  12. Yah... It pretty amazing to know that my regular fixed deposit is 1.5% while my housing loan is 1.08%nett nett only.