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  1. Hi I am interested in redoing my terrace home.

    Appreciate if you can share with me your reno builder / contractor.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi, I plan to renovate my terrace as well.

    May I know the name and contact of your contractor?

    Thank you. :-)

  3. Forgot to add that my whole house has 50+ LED lights, and majority are the same model bought from the same shop. But i only have problems with the ones in my study room. Which is why i suspect if problem could be with the power point instead.
  4. But i have already replaced the lights a few times, including the ballast/driver and everything. But the replaced lights keep breakinh down after a few months.
  5. like some advice from the experts here. In my study room, i have 2xT5 and 1 downlight. They are all LED, and linked to the same power point, ie i only have one switch that powers all on. In the 6 months that i have stayed there, my 2 T5s have developed flickering problems and have been changed. one of the changed bulbs developed the same problem after less than 2 months. The downlight also had a problem that after turning on for an hour or so, will go off by itself. Yesterday, the replacement downlight, also developed the same problem again after less than 2 months of replacement. Can anyone tell me if this is likely to be a problem with the power point instead?
  6. Hi,

    Can u share with me your id contact? btw, I stayed at Eden too.

  7. hihi minerat, i am collecting keys for my landed. can you share your contact for A&A? Thanks

  8. Minerat, I have been following your t-blog since last year. nice journey in your Reno works. Am getting keys to my landed. Would u be kind enough to share with me your contractor. Am planning to do some minor A & A works similar scope to what u have done for your house Thanks in advance. Paul

  9. Dude, congratulations on a wonderful and lovely house painstakingly designed by yourself. Have you moved in already?
  10. I need to get a cooker hood (those flat kind that mount below the cabinets). Only criteria is cheap. I don't care the brand or model and would even accept a 2nd hand one. And I only need the hood, don't need the hob+hood set. This is for the flat that I intend to rent out. Anyone knows where is the best place to get?
  11. Hi Minerat, can share your roofing and landscaping contractors?

  12. Hi Minerat,

    Do you mind introducing your water pump contractor to me?

    Best regards


  13. Can I have CYC Mover contact? Thanks.

  14. Hi Minerat, think you might have missed out on the email to me. Cheers.