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  1. Forgot to add that my whole house has 50+ LED lights, and majority are the same model bought from the same shop. But i only have problems with the ones in my study room. Which is why i suspect if problem could be with the power point instead.
  2. But i have already replaced the lights a few times, including the ballast/driver and everything. But the replaced lights keep breakinh down after a few months.
  3. like some advice from the experts here. In my study room, i have 2xT5 and 1 downlight. They are all LED, and linked to the same power point, ie i only have one switch that powers all on. In the 6 months that i have stayed there, my 2 T5s have developed flickering problems and have been changed. one of the changed bulbs developed the same problem after less than 2 months. The downlight also had a problem that after turning on for an hour or so, will go off by itself. Yesterday, the replacement downlight, also developed the same problem again after less than 2 months of replacement. Can anyone tell me if this is likely to be a problem with the power point instead?
  4. Dude, congratulations on a wonderful and lovely house painstakingly designed by yourself. Have you moved in already?
  5. I need to get a cooker hood (those flat kind that mount below the cabinets). Only criteria is cheap. I don't care the brand or model and would even accept a 2nd hand one. And I only need the hood, don't need the hob+hood set. This is for the flat that I intend to rent out. Anyone knows where is the best place to get?
  6. Sure. Let me have your email address and I'll send it over to you.

  7. That sucks. mine is thankfully already 3 phase

  8. Less than 100K actually.

  9. All my bathroom accessories are from heritage bathroom at geylang. Look for Sharrine. Very friendly and helpful.
  10. Mitigate? Be like 7-11. Hang a sign that says "House has less than $30 after dark." BTW, I think I lived in condo for too long already, so my sense of security is really poor (as you can probably tell). When we go for breakfast or grocery shoppings in the morning, I just close the auto-gate. Everything else is left opened! Hahaha
  11. Where's your property? How big is the built-up? How old and what do you intend to do?
  12. Dude, you should share everything in one shot instead of bit by bit like that to make people
  13. The LED T5, the 4ft ones which I bought from the lighting shop at Balastier, are super lousy quality!!! So far, of the 22, I had already replaced 11 of them. 6 were DOA and the remaining 6 spoilt after less than a month of usage. Most of them I hadn't even turn on for more than 10 times!!! Really pissed. Even though there is a 2 years warranty and the shop has been very patient and willing to exchange, but it is a waste of time and money for me to go down all the time to exchange. What is worse is that the new ones they replaced for me (supposedly better quality ones) came with different-sized head so I have to get the electrician to redo the connector :furious: The irony when I bought LED is that I DON'T WANT TO SPEND TIME CHANGING BULBS!!! Now every other day I have to unplug the whole T5 and bring it down to change. Really sian!!
  14. Should just put a link in your signature. My place is @ xxx. My sft is xxx.
  15. Mine was choked full of stones, rocks and one big lump of hair guess the previous owner must be suffering from hair loss
  16. So far so good for mine. But sometimes circumstances may not be beyond your control. Like for my case, toilet was choked and they have to take the WC out and use a machine to suck up the chokage.
  17. WC if fully flushed to the wall means you will have to hack it apart if there's any issues.
  18. I must say that I've bought 10 3ft ones and the quality has been very good. Very happy so far. Compared to the 4ft ones I bought from another shop....aiyo..bought 22 so far replaced 11 already!
  19. Sorry have not visited this place for quite some time as moving house, still settling in. FYI their charge is by items, not per trip or lorry. So they will come down, mark down your big ticket items + no. of boxes and give you a quote. $80 extra to move piano. For my case, I was quoted $700+ inclusive of 150 boxes. Their boxes are also new BTW, not used like some other companies. Only complaint is the tape they gave me was not sticky FYI same load I was quoted $900+ by Elite Movers.
  20. Yes, he did say something about there being 6 inches from pipe to ceiling, so enough clearance to run it.