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  1. I did my bathroom mirror with Han Fong aluminium. I metre x 850 in slim aluminum frame chrome finish. Installtion was included too. Simple and beautiful piece of work and I think price is reasonable too.
  2. Nice carpentry designs simply love your waldrobe. And the shoe cabinat had dual function, can sit there and wear shoes too,
  3. You can try miss tan, she is more experience.
  4. You can try best industrial. Booking very tight but they have more manpower
  5. Go for Electrolux or Bosch washer, it is very reliable, does a good job. My personal choice.
  6. My one is being installed by Han fong aluminum. You can call them for a quote.
  7. Maybe cheaper to just change to a new veneer door. Check out **** or best industrial for their veneer doors. All the best.
  8. You want to visit Kallang leisure park. Wall story, I saw those wall paper with the type of effects which you want.
  9. I would recommend A lighting geylang lorong 25. Look for Alex, good price and good service, no gst. I also bought from Lighting.com.sg service is good too. Look for Marc.
  10. I saw a carpenter while installing a kitchen cabinate, accidentally cracked the laminate. Later he used another piece of laminate and overlay on the broken laminate? Question to ask! Is this acceptable ? Wouldn't the owner be able to feel the extra thickness of n the cabinate? Why can the carpenter remove the first laminate and place a new one instead of overlay? The cabinate was not sitting properly on the mortar base, and the carpenter place a piece of wood in sharp of a triangle to balance tone cabinate, is that the norm or not? The kitchen cabinate was delivered during a heavy storm and drenching in rain as it was not totally covered by any form of canvass protection. I was told by the contractor that is okay to use the cabinate and that the plywood is not damaged by the rain and will not have any problem. Can anyone enlighten me? I don't want to be taken for a ride as I paid a lot of Money for my kitchen cabinate and I don't feel happy about the whole thing right now. Pls help.
  11. Wow the clock is beautiful ! How much did you pay for it? So nice.
  12. congrats to you on your new home. looking forward to your Reno Photos