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  1. Hi, may I ask if there's any good way to reduce or get rid of the smell in the storeroom? As the storeroom is blocked by a feature wall to hide the door, the air cannot go in or out freely. Anyone have the same problem? thanks
  2. Hi, could you help quote the price for KDK V60WK (7-speed), including installation lease? Also, can the fan speed for KDK M11SU (3-speed) be adjusted lower? cause for bedroom, even the Low setting is a bit strong for sleeping overnight... thanks bro !
  3. I am using KDK M11SU (3-speed) in the bedroom. But I found the wind a bit strong even for the Low speed, if I want to have it on overnight. Is there a way to adjust the speed to reduce the wind ? thanks in advance..
  4. hi, would like to ask if anyone did size-customized mirror for bathroom or living room.. I am looking for a direct seller specialize in this... about 1.5 to 2 meters long... thanks !
  5. how long have you been using it? I used it for 2 years plus and one of the shelf has curved a bit.. about 2/3 loaded with books for that shelf...
  6. any idea how much will such 'built-in' study table cost ? by per feet ? thanks
  7. i got the 5.5 kg one, electrolux time manager.. used a few times, quite good.. but normal wash is quite long, 2 hrs... got to use quick wash next time...
  8. hi all, do you get a layer of rubber under the floor board ? heard it's around S$1/psf more if to include the rubber... it will not have the hollow feeling....
  9. if the wall was previously painted, so i still need to apply 1 layer of sealer first ? I heard sealer is for walls which just plastered...
  10. if have some drill holes left in the wall by previous furnitures, where to get the filler for it? roughly how much cost ?
  11. what's so good about this panasonic NA-14VA1WAS ? cheapest place to get at Mega Discount store?
  12. Hi , would like to check, nowadays, is the base still required for washing machine and fridge? I heard some say that new fridge all come with a base which will not be affected by light wash.... so no need to have base if you don't do heavy floor wash at kitchen... also, it will be troublesome in future if you want to move the things around in kitchen... comments?
  13. hear euro brand still good for front load washer as they are building front load washer for much longer years than japan or korea.... true?
  14. how is supreme ? $4.2 psf, AC5 rating, lifetime warranty... anyone using ?