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  1. I will advise you that dun fix to a agent when selling. Give to as many agent as possible inorder to sell fast. I make this mistake when selling mine.
  2. I think price will hardly drop. My tampines 28yrs old 3rm flat block, people are selling above $400k.
  3. Hi, I'm currently planning to add another bedroom in my old 3rm flat (old design) as I am thinking of having another child. I wanted to use my storeroom as another bedroom by knocking down the side of the wall then bulid a sliding door to act as a divider or wall. If possible, how about the ventilation of the new room? Anyone can give advise if you have done this before. Please dun ask me to upgrade as after caluation on upgrading a BTO flat, the amount of levy fees and interest make me totally forgo the idea of BTO. Thanks for reading.
  4. Thanks for the advice Bepgof, I somehow get what you mean. I have to wait till my lock-in period finish, go ask same bank for repicing of loan and tell them that I want to shorten the loan period and dump the 50K CPF amount on the next contract. This may make me reach my 270K VL faster. Should I or Should I not to do that?? The worries I had is the bank interst rate when years goes by...
  5. Hi, I am currently on DBS Hdb loan with 3yrs lock-in. Loan amount is 220K & now left about 212K. I have 60K inside my OA now & wanted to repay the loan with 50K as well as to reduce the loan from 30yrs to 15yrs. It is possible to do that? Please advice. Thank you.
  6. Flash back on my home during Reno period, time past so fast & we have already stayed close to 2years
  7. Hi, good to see that people are selling the flat their own. Have you check the resale price on the HDB website on your block that sell recently? Maybe from there, you will know your valuation out come will be around how much. Below are the resale price recently on your Blk 22 Telok Blangah Cres. Good luck. 22 Telok Blangah Cres 06 to 10 59.00 Improved 1975 $320,000.00 Dec 2010 22 Telok Blangah Cres 06 to 10 70.00 Improved 1975 $330,000.00 Nov 2010 22 Telok Blangah Cres 06 to 10 59.00 Improved 1975 $280,000.00 Jul 2010 22 Telok Blangah Cres 06 to 10 59.00 Improved 1975 $283,000.00 Jun 2010 22 Telok Blangah Cres 06 to 10 59.00 Improved 1975 $290,000.00 May 2010 22 Telok Blangah Cres 01 to 05 70.00 Improved 1975 $315,000.00 May 2010 22 Telok Blangah Cres 01 to 05 59.00 Improved 1975 $261,000.00 Apr 2010
  8. Good to use, right. My wife love it because save alot of time in doing laundry and also cloths dry faster. For the white string, I think wear and tear is common, I am thinking to change to other type of string too.
  9. I got it from hardware shop near my place. Yesterday wanted to get 1 more pole but all sold and currently no stock Maybe got to try other hardware shop see have anot liao. Actually after seeing the system, it can be DIY if you have the time.
  10. Hi, Currently I am having 30k Ocbc renovation loan @ 5.68% p.a . Every month instalment is $575.53 for 60 months. I have already repay for a year and outstanding amount now is about 24k. I will need to pay for a 2% penalty of outstanding amount if making a full repayment. This Ocbc is a joint name with my brother to loan 30k as my salary only can loan up to 6times which is about 21k. Now Maybank is having a very low interest rate Renovation loan @ 2.98% and they are able to let people to do refinancing on renovation loan. This time round I am going to use my own name only to do refinance, not sure my own salary able to loan up to the outstanding amount from Ocbc. If including bonus, confirm will be enough. Anyone can give advice? Thank you.
  11. Ok. But I dun really understand the meaning of their Flat [in Advance] @ 2.88% p.a and Effective Interest Rate @ 5.69% p.a for a 4yrs loan So when I sign up, I will be in which interest rate? 2.88% or 5.69% ?
  12. Sorry, yesterday check my ocbc letter again. Its 0.68% above their 5% Effective Interest Rate (EIR), so total = 5.68% After looking at the Maybank loan, I feel like doing a refinance on my reno loan.
  13. My reno loan is from OCBC at 5% 1year ago. Wondering can reno loan be refinance?
  14. Picture of the String System On Aluminium Bamboo Pole The small carabiner and the key chain ring you see on the 3rd picture has been change by me as the orginal is string & hook. This type of system is only suitable for old type flat where there is no support on the other end for the bamboo pole.
  15. Time fly so fast. Already stay in my new house for 1 year. By the way, for the past 1 year, my block 15x at Tampines St 12 have been more than 10 resale transaction and alot of renovation going on. Not sure any chance that new member in RenoTalk happen to be my neighbour