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  1. Long time never come here! Hello all EM owners ! *waves*
  2. Sorry for mia so long... Now then saw these... Pm me if still need ID contact.. Kekeke Time flies... Been staying here for coming 2 years... Now backside itchy liao browsing through RT...
  3. So long never come renotalk! Time flies! I have Been staying in EM for a year ! Welcome all new EM owners!
  4. ALMOST NEW CONDITION! Bought from Dempsey at $88, letting go at $50. Self collect in Bishan. Contact 91397881
  5. This is genuine antique iron piece. Letting go at $200. Collect in Jurong or bishan Contact 91397881
  6. - condition 7/10 Just need some cleaning to look new More than 25-30 years old telephone. Letting go at only $100 nett. Self collect in Jurong or bishan Contact 91397881
  7. Old vintage telephone for sale. Still in good condition and can make calls! Price: $200 Contact 91397881
  8. Nice to see more EM owners! Initially we were debating if we should install AC for L1 but we decided to go ahead since we didn't have AC in our previous house's living room and we really hated it esp on hot days. We installed one big AC **** area and within 10 minutes the whole L1 is cooling 😁 very good esp on hot days and when we have guests. We also have 2 fans in L1.
  9. And also where u bought the vase? Thanks!!
  10. White sage is some herbs/ leaves used by native Americans / Europe for space cleansing. Nothing to do with fengshui. It's also known as smudging , the process of cleansing the place, getting rid of negative energies .. Similar as Chinese / hindu using kembayan ( wrong spelling) incense to cleanse
  11. Haha agree too! Though I have a dryer but I don't use often. Now If i do my laundry at night i will hang my clothes near the Aircon condenser.