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  1. Mind to share how much you paid for this rocking chair and where you get it??? Thank you.
  2. Curious to know, what is your unit sq.m3?? Me staying in 788B , 144Sqm3 ...with bomb shelter..
  3. Saw your unit putting up for sale...just to enquiry..how much is your asking COV ???
  4. Could I have your contacts for the curtain maker? I ve just got my keys to my EM at 788B , woodlands crescent.Thanks in advance.
  5. There is way for EC to being better than a EM.The EC scheme ,to me , is just wayang.The current HDB minister , the lunatic KBW last year mentioned that now couples prefer EC to EM ,when being queried in Parliament over whether HDB reconsider building EM or not. Talking about floor size, the EC is not a match for the EM.Talking about facilities, you just can't compare the two.How often you used the facilities??
  6. Oh, there are not many 5RM EM in Singapore.I think you mentioned in one of your posts that your unit is in jurong east and is abt 5 mins to you're carpark and the expresslway. Your main con also put up Reno permit near the lift deck...so I think must be your unit.
  7. Oh, there are not many 5RM A maisonette in Singapore.I think u mentioned in one of your posts that your unit is about 5 mins to the car park, near to the expressway. And your main con put up renovation permit near the lift deck...so I came to know abt it.... Hope it does not disturb your privacy...
  8. No lah, just curious...I am into HDB floors plans for all types of maisonette ....I am staying in an EM in woodlands admiralty..
  9. Hi, Zihui.Eager to see the difference between an exe.mansionette and a 5 room A mansionette. Your unit is the one with spotlights on the outside of the main door,right? It's beautiful and windy...
  10. my study room fanco fan is slow at speed no 1 compare to the same model out there on my other room.Any ideas out there?
  11. EmPro

    HDB floor plans

    Rare layout of a HDB EM...