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  1. I just came back from my Bali Trip.. Went there to 'sao' the paintings and some decorative stuffs and have a relaxing break as well.. haha.. My floors are all hacked and floor tiles are up already. Next step is the electrical works. Below is the pricing i ahem gotten from my ID but feel that it is slightly expensive. Lighting point 57 $35.00 $1,995.00 Hanging Light point (20ft Height) 1 $380.00 $380.00 Hanging Light point (Normal Height) 1 $100.00 $100.00 2 Way Switch 4 $80.00 $320.00 Ceiling Fan point w/installation 6 $120.00 $720.00 Double Socket 20 $60.00 $1,200.00 SCV Point 5 $100.00 $500.00 Heater point 2 $100.00 $200.00 20A Isolator point 2 $250.00 $500.00 Single Socket 2 $55.00 $110.00 Cooker Hood Point 1 $100.00 $100.00 Oven Point 1 DB Box 1 $480.00 $480.00 Cat 6 Data Point 1 $180.00 $180.00 Install Lights 57 $10.00 $570.00 Total Amount $7355 Do you guys have any electrician to recommend.
  2. Hi, Can someone pm me the contacts for the above electrical contractor quote. Looks more reasonable than the quote which i have. Thanks
  3. New revised layout.. Dunnoe whether my designer got cursed me at the back anot cos i keep revising.. But now with the new changes,, i am very satisfied with the drawing.. haha But with so many revised drawings and changing of colours.. my designer still very patience with me... Hacking work have started already and next week they gonna start laying the tiles.. A different look now with the border and white cabinets.. Island only Island with Bar counter Think i am gonna scrap the built-in TV console cabinet and opt for a teak wood tv console.. Saw 1 nice 1 at paya rbi today.. Still thinking if it can fit in nicely.. Living Room Feature Wall - Design 1 Living Room Feature Wall - Design 2
  4. Harriette, No choice i have to give up a bigger room space in exchange for the WIW.. But i envy those who are able to sacrifice a room to do a WIW.. But we need all out rooms for the kids.. haha Thanks Vanessa... We are in St 51.. Near Hougang Green.. Are we in the same neighbour?? Songz, Me too i love the Kitchen 2 floor tiles to the max.. so die die my designer have to match it into me theme of modern resort haha.. below is the revised layout of the kitchen floor tiles.. inspirations gotten when me and hubby went to eat Katong laksa.. We added in a border to it and the effect is so much different and nicer now..
  5. Have been busy preparing the list of items to buy and shopping round for the furniture over the last weekend. Its rather fun but it did killed a lot of my brain cells trying to see if the item is able to fit in to the concept.. haha.. Sink - Blanco Metra 9 Reason why we bought this instead of the popular stainless steel sink. My husband have an eye for detail and can't tahan seeing scratches .. *although he is not the one doing the dishes haha* thus there goes my Kraus stainless steel sink.. The size of the Metra 9 is able to fit in a chinese wok thus would be easy for us to wash and manoeuvre the pan/wok within the sink.. Oven - Brandt FC1042xs Bought it at Harvey Norman today. The sales guy name Damien, Nice chap and explained the functions of the oven to us clearly. And also the differences among the other brand. In the end we decided on this after reviewing a few... We also bought our dining table, bed frame and recliner sofa at Lorenzo at their ware house sale last weekend. Happy shopping week...
  6. Some revised drawing on my kitchen floor tiles and living room feature wall.. Kitchen Option 1 Kitchen Option 2 Living Room Feature Wall I love the spanish tiles in option 2 but its rather tough to get the correct colour for the cabinet to match and have a nice contrast for the kitchen... still thinking of what colour to chose.
  7. Hi Songz, Ya in the end now we scrap the idea for the open kitchen.. its either go for the look and the whole house will smell or have a more practical kitchen since we cook daily.. Even the cooker hob we have selected the ugly looking Fujioh FS-890 which claims can capture 92" of the oil fumes.. Haha.. At first was quite turn off by the outlook but after reviewing the rest and saw the video on the technology used for the Fujioh... Functionality superseded the aesthetic aspect... Hi Harriette, On paper wise the room seems quite spacious with the wiw.. On site we tape the floor to see how it will turn out.. not too bad.. But for the bed wise we will not be able to reuse our teak wood bed frame and have to get something more streamline instead. But still able to fit a king with 2 sides table.. And the walking space in the WIW, we have about i think 800mm so we can still change comfortably within it... Between my master bedroom size is 3.8m x 4.5m
  8. continued..... Kitchen Layout 2 - with the hacking of Wall between Kitchen and Living room Master bedroom with WIW Actually i love the concept of hacking the kitchen and living room wall so that the area can be further brighten and widen up.. When i do the dishes i can still watch my Tv shows haha.. But am oso worried about the cooking as we cook 3 meals a day... So in a dilemma.. Haha.. There will be some changes to the colour selection as it is too modern and not a hint of modern resort.. but layout will be rather fix like this... We have to blend in to our wooden country staircase otherwise the staircase will look so weird in the middle.. haha..
  9. It have been a long discussion after receiving our first 3D draft.. which is erm... not to my satisfaction.. *probably my expectation too high but whose expectation is not high for their home haha.. * Anyway to share with you guys on our 1st draft. Living Room Kitchen Layout 1 With Bar counter Without Bar counter
  10. Hi Ning Ning, Can share with me your contact for YF? Am Thinking of purchasing a victoria bed for my daughter from TB.. Hehe.. hehe can you also share with me the links for thise items you bought from Taobao.. Thanks you very much in advance..
  11. Thanks song n ocean eleven. .. read thru e blogs last nite.. n e information are very detailed.. will checkout those shipping agents.. hehe.. so excited to make my first purchase from TB. ..
  12. Hi Songz, Thanks for sharing... Will read thru the link tonite and hopefully i can quickly place my order to TB haha... cos saw a few things which we like but dun noe how to buy... Hi Piaget, Haha... hope you able to get your items on TB as well.. I saw a few lights and furniture and the price stated is quite a saving compared to buying locally. and you know nowadays most of the lightings and stuffs are also made in China.. Am only worried about the shipment and what are the shipment cost.. Haha....
  13. Saw that quite a number of fellow RT members also purchase lightings from Taobao. Anyone care to share on the purchase procedure as am thinking of getting my lights and some stuffs from there as well. But am not sure hows the shipment arrangement like. Example like when i add to cart in TB then check out do i need to arrange for another shipment or wat?? Some kind souls out there can share their experience and give me some directions... Thanks in advance..