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  1. Thanks for your advise. Actually looking back and comparing my reno journey with other friends from other designers, i realize that i was let off quite easily. although some bumps at the end, everything was resolved once johnny recovered. As for the english speaking properly thing, its not tt i dont wan to consider anyone not able to speak english but in this case, I worry about communication. The last thing u want is communication breakdown. But i will bear your advise in mind when finding my next ID.. But haha.. now im getting Johnny to be in charge of my mother in law's house since he did a good job the first time.
  2. this is currently the 4th month that my reno is carrying on. to be fair, initially delay was my fault because of my hardware stuff and lightings that I have not purchased. now I dunno where to put my anger. So here is the story. Everything was going well until nearing the handover date. Johnny spotted some problems with the workmanship of my carpentry and ordered the entire wardrobe and feature wall and kitchen cabinets some of the parts to be redone AGAIN. Here is the hit count Redo-ing Kitchen - 1 time wardrobe - 3 times feature wall - 3 times I only have this 3 carpentry. HOW MANY TIMES CAN A CARPENTER MAKE MISTAKES?! At one point, the big boss even came down to supervise the work done. Johnny sent me some pictures of the after and before. There really is improvement and i thank god that I have an ID who cares enough to offer to redo instead of forcing me to take it. I was being promised that the carpentry will be nicely done by the 1st of June so that i can arrange for the furniture to be delivered on the 2nd and i can shift in on that date. (auspicious date). when i went over on 1st. OMG. i saw.. my bloody kitchen cabinet not seated on the base and being supported by a few plywood. knowing full well how fussy i am and that i am shifting in, this ISSUE is still very apparent to me. idiot carpenter takes no pride in his work and trying to pass this off as OK?! This was made me lose my temper. I started going through all the carpentry one more time and seeing the problems that i mislooked the first time. I called johnny and demanded he meet me. he said that he will meet me on 2nd june with the carpenter and painter. When the new carpenter saw the work tt was done, all he could do was shake his head. Said that the original carpenter workmanship quite poor. The day that I met the new carpenter, Johnny met with an accident (2nd june). sooooo end up, bo bian. i liased with the carpenter directly. but doesnt stop me from getting angry from the other workers' "touch ups" which i think is poor work in my opinon. like the skirting is not done nicely. it has been 2 weeks since the accident. my house is still not done. my furniture has already been delivered. i worry that the workers moving in and out will cause damage to my furniture, someone might steal something then i dunno who to blame. I'm honestly extremely annoyed that this is going on. actually, the problems are very small however, the dragging and dragging of this stupid reno is starting to make my blood boil. even planning for my wedding was not this tedious. I know that Johnny is a good ID and its because of the accident that causes this unfortunate delay and slip in normally high standard of service. Everything was stress free until this. My blood is boiling but i duno who to scream at. Johnny is unfortunately the poor soul that i am scolding now. I WANT TO MOVE IN!
  3. so sad... now then i know how much of my posts you all actually read! My ID's contact is just 3 posts up...
  4. Johnny Mook 8157 7430 Updated 12/3/15 I think he is no longer with Sky Creation anymore..and he now has his own team of workers to help him.. The other day, one of his workers came to help me to fix a light, he seems better than the original workers. so hopefully, he now has a good team of workers to help him!
  5. Lousy workmanship by the construction company.. the elbow joints were not done properly. but in hindsight, im lucky that the pipe tt burst was OUTSIDE my house.. can u imagine if it burst INSIDE my house? no one will know.. and all my carpentry will spoil lor.. i went down to confront BSC the day after, coz they called me to clarify what exactly happen. and they said to give them the bill when it arrives. they better pay it. but i saw on the PUB bill that they will only check the meter 1st may. that is AFTER i move in lei... *sweat..* does tt mean i have to pay also?! =D come my house, i give u the review personally. HAHA.. Let me assemble most of the stuff first. when everything is more or less ready, i will show u. Hopefully really will huat lor.. my mi xing hubby went to buy 4d. LOL.. Oh you signed with him too! u will have a peaceful and stress free reno journey. i think i really push johnny to the limit, on his patience and also his creativity.. because our house is so small, he has to think of ways to work around the small areas. make him think like crazy, but hey, thats what we are paying for right! . haha.. but if you want to taobao, remember to inform him so that he can give u the time line as to when to buy what. =)
  6. Thailand Songkran festival of water is from 13-15 of April.. Yesterday outside my flat, we had one also.. YES. SONGKRAN outside my flat. Another example of the ****ty work the construction company did. MY WATER PIPE AT THE MAINS BURST! My poor neighbor who got there first, tried to save the water by braving all that pouring water, trying to find out where the damned leak was. lucky he called me and we drove like maniacs to my flat to see the situation. for 1 hour, we stood there as water kept pouring and gushing out of the main like a water fall, unable to shut off the water while my meter run like crazy. EMS, HDB and PUB took 1 .. yes ONE FULL hour to dispatch a plumber to stop the water leak. This is the AWESOME video of songkran outside my flat. http://youtu.be/TFWU-wVXMJU
  7. I think Johnny is insane. (but in a good way, although im not sure how good insane ppl can be) Why? This is my wardrobe. On monday, my carpentry went up. On Tuesday, Johnny went to inspect and gave order to tear it down. Because. he felt my carpenter didnt do a good job and anyhow recommand during the space planning for the wardrobe. The space given to access the dead corner is too small to be of use. The doors that he fabricated was also too thin and wont match my design. (30cm door. ) He went up to my place to see the installation and lost his temper on the spot and ask the carpenter to redo. Then called me to explain and told me that he will redo it. I love johnny but i hate Sky's people's workmanship.. I think if its other ID, they might try to make me accept since its already done. Because when i explained this to my fren who is in reno, he told me.. "looks okie what.." then Punggol will have a murder coz i will kill the ID who try to force me to accept. I went up to my flat during the weekend and I saw the feature wall.. i was damned upset . some laminate were chipped, some were scratched. the joining line is really CMI. I called johnny immediately and he said he knows about it and already had ordered new laminates to rectify last week. But the kitchen cabinets are beautifully done. every drawer fitted with Blum ( that i dont remember paying for) and the workmanship is almost flawless.. i asked the uncle why so big difference? (there was an uncle working on the kitchen cabinets when we went down on Sat) He said, he do kitchen one, another guy doing feature wall and wardrobe. dunno can ask him do all anot. Now waiting for rectification. hopefully i can accept.
  8. Can you pm me your email address? I didnt take a picture of the kerb. i will when i go back today.
  9. My beautiful blue white feature wall with wavy design: johnny design to solve my problem of insects flying behind the feature wall was to put up a blocked entrace for the cove light.. so insects cannot fly behind. heehehe.. But then the next picture, i realize something wrong with my feature wall.. There is a small jut out of the wall!! its not flushed! alamak... so there is a 1cm gap between end of the wall and the feature wall.. i started to make abit of noisy to johnny why is it not flushed against the wall.., here was his answer: Thanks to hdb lousy workmanship, the passage way opening, is not 90degrees! so if he flushes it against the wall, he need to put a thick line of silicon to make it even. If he doesnt wan to put a thick amount of silicon, the bottom part will jut out just to match the top and i can see if from my bed room, if we walk past, we might hit the bottom. The other alternative is to slant the feature wall according to the shape of the passage way. but johnny feels that is too dangerous. because even the wall is not straight. what the **** is hdb doing... so bo bian. trust his experience and expert advise.. if not, i pay him for what right?
  10. so this week, my carpentry is going up. On Monday, they brought up all the fabricated carpentry: My kitchen cabinets My zen door.. i initially wanted to choose another design.. but johnny insisted on this design. He said it will make my house look more class and the design i picked suited more for commercial and office. guess my job is now hindering my choices in terms of what i think looks nice.. on second look, it did look like my lastest client's door tt i picked for his office.
  11. pm-ed. Ya! i really hope it comes out awesome! tt would be my best bought item in taobao. Hi neighbour, ya.. u can come see how its installed. My carpentry delayed because johnny want to redo the entire thing. Just ask him to bring u up to see when its done. =) haha,. see how first.. see hubby allow anot. Okie, thanks for the heads up! cant imagine they forgot ur order! pm-ed
  12. have been crazy busy, and not being able to update. anyway, my laminates are up: (i love the colour and contrast!) glad i chose the right colour! Bought a painting from taobao which was chosen by Johnny after sending him nearly 50 pictures. haha it suits our theme very well!! my own zhaotao!! This zhaotao, i went to view it at my place after they did it, the workmanship was very good! even my fren said its very seamless. and johnny was smart enough to use some broken tiles tt they wanted to throw away and left over floor tiles, to do it to save my money. City gas also up le.. abit angry and upset about this.. as i had customized a rack that will fit below the window of the toilet. but the city gas ppl told johnny cannot be helped because of the recommanded height of installation. i know johnny tried his hardest to argue about the pipes.. but alas.. asthetics win. he felt tt it would be ugly if run above the window instead of under.. oh well.. guess my rack has to jut out abit. Okie, i have several pm-s asking me how we solved the dead space problem. We modified the Allen's idea to this: installing a rotating hanger so that I can rotate my clothes in the dead space. so that even if its in the back corner, i still can rotate it out to some place i can reach. Johnny was very nice, wanted to do door swinging open from the corner.. but because i felt tt it will be too troublesome for me to move left and right to open the doors and fit into the small corner space, i decided to do it the normal way, whereby the door is swinging outwards towards the corner. The pic above is the bulkier one. my wardrobe space not long enough to fit it. so johnny suggested i did this instead: This little baby can hold up to about 70 clothes weight. i dont even think i have tt many to hang there!! now all im waiting for, is for my carpentary to come in on monday~ today going to go do my sofa~~ my beautiful sanzio sofa!!
  13. pmed I will announce how to solve once i find the pictures. pm-ed LOL!! table has now reached the china warehouse after being custom-made. should be on the way to SINGAPORE soon! yay!
  14. Regardless of the kg, usually washers are around 60-70cm wide. the protruding out inlet pipe? which one? the pipe sticking out of the floor? tts the drainage... you should actually ask ur ID to solve this problem for you. as for the extension for the hanger one.. tt one really silly of hdb to put it there. mine is on the opposite side of my washer and dryer. but i am removing the hanger thing anyway.
  15. It cost me S$300. i think the original price is S$600. after haggling is 300dollars only.