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  1. Hi Bro, Can I ask for some assistance in quoting for ceiling fans for my upcoming resale house pls... I would need 3 ceiling fans with LED lights(for bedrooms), 2 ceiling fans without lights(for living n dining).. I would really prefer something that's woody designed cos it will really match e theme of my house... Of cos with so many fans to get n a budget to work with, hope to find a good brand with a good price... Please advise thank u so much! Lya
  2. Hi glad to have come across someone who's gotten a new condo n looking at enhancing it.very eager to see ur progress n end result as we are looking at a similar plan in a few years time..do update us!
  3. Hi...am curious to find out how ur Reno comes along..do keep us posted..we r looking at upgrading to an EC in bout 4yrs time so am very interested in condo reno n works!
  4. Hi Guojiawen thank u so much....! 😉
  5. Hi Happycouple thank u so much! Wish u a beautiful home too.. Am counting down e days to e delivery.. Am closing into 9th mth in a week n am aching n feeling it all over! Am expecting delivery sometime in May itself no hope to last til my due date in June haha..
  6. Hi Bykaraane, thank u so much for ur kind words n compliments... Makes me feel appreciated haha... Yea it wasn't easy, n I'm e sort who can't sit back n let others do e job, will never be up to my satisfaction... I jus had to dig my hands into everything n make sure they were up to my expectations.. From major reno to nitty gritty things around the house I jus had to be satisfied n I must say it paid off! My ideology is, if u want it done any better, do it urself...so jus had to push myself to e limits but well it's over n now is e biggest part of it all-MAINTENANCE! Haha... Seems like it's gonna be a real task maintaining e house to keep it in tip top state.. Wit kids around, double e work as they give no hoot to fingerprints n what not lol... But it's part n parcel of it isn't it... Want a pretty house, work to keep it in shape 😅
  7. Hi tirimisu, I actually got it from a UK seller on ebay... E mat inclusive of shipping cost me S$70 but cos I loved it so much n just cudnt find a nice runner mat ard here, insisted on buying it in... Cud pass u e link if u really want though.. Lya
  8. Hey asychanbaby...thanks so much! Great compliments n boost haha.. Wish u all e best on ur home n reno too!
  9. Hi Keyik well it will seem so far away now but once u start on it,u won't even realise it's done n over haha... Hi Minnie thanks so much, love ur compliments.. I agree wit u.. Initially we cudnt imagine as well but apparently wen it all set in, it worked out pretty well.... Hope it gives fellow 3 roomers hope tat they r not stuck wit miserable space to work wit... N yea now it's waiting time for baby to arrive.. Been sooo tired lately.. N wit all e pressure n stress put mentally n physically over e whole house setting up phase feel so done wit being preggy n expect to come on anytime soon haha!
  10. Hi Minnie thanks a lot for ur compliments... We engaged Glen from Atelier Concept Pte Ltd n I have to give it to him for being so true to schedule n getting everything done to what we wanted... When rectifications had to be done he agreed to do it n perfected areas for me which really made a difference.. He also gave us many complimentary items n isn't the nitty gritty picky kind who charged on every little details.. Tried to accommodate our requirements n needs whenever possible.. Would like to take tis opportunity to thank him n convey our gratitude... Overall with extra add ons etc it all summed up to close to $30k on reno.. Excluding accessories n items...
  11. Common toilet Our now messy bomb shelter with racking done That's about it...! Hope our reno blog has shed some light to fellow 3 roomers.. Wud like to add tat u need not fear of having less space to manipulate around etc.. Somehow the space is jus sufficient for our needs.. Not too much excess n definitely not teeny weeny cramped. U gotta plan out ur space n use of space n everything will fall in nicely. Guests actually commented our place looks like a HDB only til e doorway but once stepped in is like a 2 bedroom condo haha... So we believe a beautiful home can be created not jus out of 5rooms or bigger units but it's e quality n space planning of our home.. Space has never been sufficient for people, no matter how huge a house is, ppl still complain of insufficient space n not having enough. Thus let's be contented wit our smaller but no-lack-in-comparison 3 room homes!
  12. Our washer n dryer stacked Passageway, n our bomb shelter door painted in dark grey chalkboard grey cos I didn't wanna use stark black which wud have made e passageway look dark n gloomy wit a sudden patch of black so got black+white chalkboard paint n got painter to mix to a dark grey... Turned out very well n blends wit our greyish themed living.. Success n e kids love it! Kids room with bunk bed with pull out unit n study area.. Pardon e darkness cudnt get a e right lighting MBR wardrobe area, also e first thing to see wen entering e room n view from passageway.. MBR bed area, with our King storage bed. We feared e whole place might look cluttered n cramped but upon completion it's actually well spaced n enough room for walking n movement. Actually none of e guests said a word tat e house is small or cramped.. Think tat was a success for us.. Space planning works! MBR toilet
  13. Hi all, after a hectic phase of reno, shifting n throwing a housewarming party, we r finally settled down n thot I'll share some completed pics... Here u go.. Living / Dining View towards entrance, our completed pebble wash foyer area.. Kitchen (pardon the messiness) Other side of kitchen View from svc balcony Svc balcony laundry table side, got an ikea table to use as a misc/ laundry table so I can jus fold up my clothes there once they r out from the dryer.. Thankfully after all e scare of insufficient space n odd pipes tat may cause my dryer to stand alone at tis side of e svc balcony, we managed to pull thru our laundry table area haha