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  1. What u meant by wifi setup? I am on linksys velop tri-band route and plan by m1.. but lately m1....
  2. Erm, i dont know how long the application process for my roof, all liaise thru my contractor. The cost for the invisible grille is abt $850.
  3. Hi, we wanted a glass roof for our balcony so as to allow ample lights to shine in, yet deter the rain. So we got our contractor to erect this tempered glass roof. The tint can be decide based on the sample he produced. Additional cost required if you require UV protection. However, the angle we wanted is not as per shown due to safety consideration. The contractor was concern that the glass will slide down if the gradient was high. Total cost for the roof cost abt 6 to 7k before discount!
  4. The floor plan. The previous owner also brought the access balcony too. 155m² floor area in total. As mentioned, we recreated the balcony and changed the kitchen opening facing. Our balcony sliding door also have to face a certain angle due to fs.
  5. Loot from Taobao! Part 1 of xxx.. The smart drying/laundry rack. Even though I have a dryer at home, sometimes my hand washed floor mats will be hang to dry. Thus, my wife brought this from TB and I installed it. Installation was easy, with a cupboard marking of the 4 holes provided, you need to tape it up and drill 4 holes for the wall plugs. Connect the wires (CB off pls)... Voilà...
  6. The smart switch by Sonoff. Can be controlled by google home, remote control, handphone and the physical switch. The amazing thing is the binding of the switch, my heater is now 2 way. Switch outside common area and master bedroom can be controlled both ways. Love it. The con is the plain design. However, the tempered glass gave it the classy look. Do note that neutral wire is required for these switches as compared to the xiaomi kind. (Wife labelled the switch for easy identification)
  7. Learning from internet, I managed to install smart switches and smart control for my house. From digital lock (Yale), digital clothes hanger (TB), digital switch (TB), google home (local), smart devices (various).... All these can be integrated with my google home. My taobao skill also improved.. Changed a few third party forwarder.. From this renovation journey, I learnt alot of things after reading from telegram, online forums and word of mouth. So if you have any questions, feel free to drop a message here. Will be glad to answer them and shorten your learning curve. Our house is undergoing various touch up and unpacking. Once everything is done, will post the beautiful picture of it.
  8. Next is shopping time. A tired process. For tiles, we went to hafary as they have a wide variety to choose from. Initially, we were still contemplating if we just want to overlay the existing tiles with vinyl, we even paid deposit for it. Eventually, considering the age of the flat and the exisiting condition of the tile, we decide to just hack and relay all with new tiles. Expensive, but for long lasting. For bathroom, we went to Bathroom warehouse to get the toilet bowl. Eventually, we brought wrongly and my contractor have to make his own trip to do the exchange, really go to the extra miles. For Hob and Hood, we choose Fujiho after much research and 1 particular shop in IMM sell the cheapest. Our existing Bosch CMI, after using, you will still feel your whole kitchen is smelly and oily. After reading many user review for fujiho, we eventually go for it. The rest of our stuffs were brought from Taobao. Lighting, Kitchen draw, basin, sink, tv console, sofa, bed frame, swing chair.. you name it..
  9. Hacking works. After Hacking, one of the wall behind the carpentry reviewed some cracks. So we arranged for HDB to inspect it. This is to ensure that there is no issue to the structure integrity of the building/ flat. The staircase rail was deliberately left there so that safety of the workers were considered. It will only be removed when the new rail is ready to be installed.
  10. Dear all, This space is to record the renovation journey since March 2020. It all started when my BTO attained it's MOP. With our kids going to Primary 1 next year, it is time to source a flat that is near my alumni school and the floor area must be bigger then the existing. Soon enough, we managed to find one executive maisonette in Bukit Batok Central. And our reno journey begins..... ID or Contractor, definitely Contractor. Seeing how my sister in law's old and existing flat been renovated with his current contractor, we must make an appointment with him. Comparing our BTO with my sister in law flat, I must said that there are differences in the workmanship and quality of material used. Maybe this explain why some contractor/ID are more expensive then the rest. Really, what you paid is what you get. Meeting with my contractor is a bliss. With his vast experiences, he is quick to come out with the various possibility according to our needs. As long as you have the idea, he will make it happen for you. He will also explain the pro's and con's and the decision eventually lies with us. A good contractor is one with a good team of workers, and he handled them well. As my flat needs to follow in accordance to my Feng Shui master, my contractor was able to fulfil those requirements, really glad to have engaged him. Because of the COVID that happened, he was quick to re-priorities worker and works so that there is minimal impact to the timeline. The renovations to my EM includes: Hacking of existing floor, kitchen wall and windows. Reinstate the balcony and build a glass roof. Level the kitchen drop. Replace staircase rail and flooring. Tiles for whole house. Replace main gate and fire rated door. Replace all rooms door. Electricity re-wire for whole house. System 3 and System 2 aircons for whole house. Carpentry for Kitchen, Storage outside kitchen, shoe cabinet, storage under the staircase, wardrobe in bedroom and toilets. Plaster whole house. Paint whole house. Install all my Taobao purchase. So in summary, it was a major overhaul and picture will speak more for itself.
  11. Just installed a king size bed frame with storage today. Color doesnt match our house theme, thus selling off. Brought at $600. Selling at $300.. Dismantle and self collect at boon lay drive. Text me if interested 9001 2944. Installation http://tinypic.com/r/2lub91x/8 Finshed Product http://www.seahorse.hk/en/product?apd=%7B%22r%22%3A%22c%5C%2Fa4d5c100041b15a96f4f486a28170043%22%7D Thanks!
  12. Hi Aron, Can you quote me Mitsubishi Electric Starmex & Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial 1) Sys 4, 9k x 3 + 24K 2) Sys 3, 9k x 2 + 12k 3) Sys 1, 24k Thinking of getting 4 aircon. Please include material used. Thanks.