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  1. Sounds very much like my chandelier.... Hubby already say he will leave it up to me for cleaning 😅
  2. Woo you have started your tblog! Pastel scandivanian home sounds like a great theme. All the best for your Reno
  3. I've finally finished updating my personal blog with the items bought from Taobao and all the links of the items + our auspicious move in ceremony! The post on our auspicious move in ceremony should officially end off my renovation blog here. It has definitely been an enjoyable 10 mths of sharing here in RT (so much so that I started my own blog)! Can't believe I have been in this forum this long (started the blog in Feb till today). Shifted in for one month so far and still loving my dream home to the max My sis is going to take a professional photoshoot of my place and I will share the pictures again when they are ready! Till then, hope everyone continue to enjoy your own renovation journey and wishing u guys smooth reno all e way!
  4. Hi Jasmine / Bubblegum33, My ID contacts are in my signature / shared in post #730. Cheers!
  5. Same issue faced.. Can only continue mopping to get rid of it. Hubby and I must have done that at least 5 to 6 times. It's much better after we have shifted in..
  6. welcome to RT! theme of hse really depends on lifestyle if minimalist, hse really cannot have many items. scandi is really nice too but may be high maintanence due to open shelvings.. there's also country / Victorian / industrial etc to choose from
  7. Hey Celtricia, So sorry for the super delayed reply! Been really busy recently. Will delete my inbox and update you.
  8. Hello mrslee, Congrats on the completion of your new home and all the best for your shifting in! After a long wait, the shift in day is finally coming... Hi Brian, My ID contacts are in my signature / shared in post #730. Sorry I won't be sharing the detailed quotation breakdown anymore. It will be more accurate to get a quote based on your own renovation requirements. Cheers! Yup I'm currently using the Ecovacs CR120 that I got from taobao. So far so good. Will do a review of all my TB stuff once I have settled down in the new home Yup will be putting in the MBR when sleeping and carry it out to the living room over the weekends Seems like quite a number of people are getting air purifiers, likely due to the horrible haze last year that got all of us scared?
  9. Thanks aspialle, I was considering that but in the end decided to get it local for the warranty.. My friend's husband is a nurse n his hospital is using this as well. So when she said it's a good price, I took the plunge
  10. Urgent Anyone bought air purifier at home? I'm looking at the Honeywell HAP 18200 model. Very obiang looking, but heard that it's a highly recommended hospital grade model. Rakuten is having this 20% off now till 2359hrs tonight at $439.20 instead of the normal $549. Still unsure if I should buy... Features Recommended for a 15' x 18' room (46m2)5 air changes per hourCADR: 170QuietCareTM sound reducing technology provides ultra quiet operationThe Intelli-CheckTM Electronic Filter Indicator reminds you when to replace the True HEPA Filter & Carbon Pre-FilterElectronic Soft-Touch Button Controls, 3 SpeedsSurroundSealTM Technology helps minimize air leaks to ensure that the air passes through the filter, capturing particlesProduct Dimensions - 48(H) x 31(W) x 44(D) cmReplacement Filters: Activated Carbon Pre-Filter HRF-API (Replace when indicator light is on or after 3-4 months time), True HEPA Filter 21500 (Replace when indicator light is on or after 1-2 years of usage)Made In Mexico Model Number: HAP18200 Any idea?
  11. Thanks aspialle, we will go the ultra traditional way this coming weekend with wet floor cloth and run through the entire house. Officially shifting in on Sunday, so die die Saturday must do a total clean up! We didn't buy the normal mop, so won't have the issue of the plastic part of it.. Haha Le0nHart, I guess we are overzealous about the cleaning so over complicated the simple things! My friend says I have OCD when I told them what I did. The sweeping was more for bigger particles like loose styrofoam, cupboard pieces, magnets and more. Was afraid of spoiling our vacuum hehe.