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  1. Haha..jiawen!! me too!! cleaning will be a headache... ..we realized after installing the chandelier, not bring enough for room..haha..have the "romantic ambience" though..haha..
  2. Welcome to renotalk!! hope to see more of your 3d pics soon!!
  3. Hi there! i only opted for the blum runners and tracks..not the drawers.. ..sorry for the confusion.. If i dont opt for blum runners, ID will give me those normal ones.. Hi there! there is no website, got to watsapp to liaise with them..i join order with a group and we consolidated the orders..HTH!
  4. Opps..sorry for the broken link! Here's the link again:http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.1.w4606726-7105804626.19.In9AYG&id=25661520767 I am using my hp, let me know if it still doesn't work. We find that 7W is just nice (we didnt want it to be very bright, we just wanted to create a light ambience) We put 4 along walkway and 4 **** area.You might want to consider mixing with 12W if you want it brighter. HTH!
  5. Hihi! Yes, its like a forwarder. We send the links to them and they help us buy. I join order with a group. HTH!
  6. Kitchen carpentry Our kitchen carpentry is up...1 side top and bottom, other side is our tall unit..kompacplus top and glass backing, and hood and hob still not up yet, hope we can see it the next few days.. The workmanship is good..all soft closing..didn't spot any defects etc. But there is a problem with our pull-out steel dish rack, (have not fixed the clear class yet), we opted for blum lift up hydraulic, but it does not allow us to open at mid-way, when we pull up, it will automatically go up to the top and hit the cupboard at the top..ID will help us fix it next week.. Our tall unit: Kompacplus top not up yet..the big space is to cater for our 3-in 1 oven..anyone can recommend a good conventional oven? My big pull out drawer..installed blum anti-slam for 5 drawers.. more updates to come! we are satisfied with the results and hope to see our shoe cabinet, wardrobe and tv feature wall soon..
  7. Updates on door and carpentry My kitchen bi-fold door from besglas..we love the sail white with clear glass to match our white brick feature wall..we did top track only..so there isn't those ugly bottom tracks. It is slightly more expensive to do top track, but we had no choice. We wanted a swing door for our kitchen previously, but the concern was that it will hit our fridge door if we do a swing door so we opted this bi-fold door from besglas. we love the effect! Doors for 3 rooms: The original color - nyatoh doors for 3 rooms..Painter will paint it grey over it, and we opted black for the door frame..will update the final look of the door.. ..oh yes, we bought our own door knobs and our ID helped us to install. Toilet suspended vanity cabinet We wanted a bold bright color for our toilet vanity cabinet as we wanted to make the toilets a "different" feeling..orange laminate for common toilet and pink laminate for master toilet...Luckily, hubby didn't object to my pink laminate.. ..hope the mirror and sink will make it
  8. Yes, there is!..haha..was busy with the house this few days, didnt have time to blog..will blog the updates soon!
  9. Hi Alvin! my ID contact: Colin from Renozone Interior.. PM you his contact..cheers! Hi Sharon! here you go: Tracklights bought from this seller: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.1.w4606817-7105804623.11.CscVBE&id=25661520767 Forwarder used: Yunfei..its around SG110 per CBM..i combine shipment with my taobao friends.. ..HTH!! Haha!! same same!! ya..we tried to remove it and it is ugly because you can see the two bulbs.. we will try to use a higher wattage bulbs first,.the max is 20W, maybe we will try 18W? haha..update u the results...
  10. Some updates: Ta-dah!! our track lights are up!! we love our track lights effects.. .. we bought the track lights from taobao..everything came in good condition including the tracks..satisfied!! 7W warm lights: (current house condition is still in a mess, haha) my chandelier lights are up too..our electrician help us to setup the stand of our chandelier lights to the wall, and we hung the crystals ourselves..we bought this chandelier lights from TB..everything came in good condition too except that we broke 1 crystal ourselves.. We bought this highly raved Philips steam iron from the Philips fair last weekend.. Function: There was a live demo during the fair, and the attractive point is that we can iron any garment from silk, to linen, to cotton, to cashmere, in any order (100% safe on all fabrics), without adjusting the temperature, without the risk of burn or shine or wait. It is said to reduce the ironing time and we were Hope to see my new doors this week..
  11. Hihi! haha..cool!! same Fanco fans.. ..we are using 9W currently.. .it stated the maximum is 20W..we noticed that the main problem is due to the cover (opaque), we tried taking out the cover and it is soso much brighter.. Our living room has LED downlights but not in our bedrooms so we will try to buy a higher Watt and try it out again..update again!
  12. Hi Carltoneoz! Thanks for your well wishes!! We got our homo wooden like tiles from Lian Seng Hin (Address: 568A Balestier Road Singapore 329885) Its along the stretch of tiles shop, there are four tiles shop there (hafary, hup kiong etc). psf price is close to $4..we didn't take down the model number..we love the feel and look..perhaps you can drop by their shop to see and also feel the tiles..
  13. 011..hehe..still discussing with hubby..our problem is: there is no a better space to put a wall hung mirror at our living room.. ..so most likely have to combine mirror with the brick walls..sacrifice the fully craft brick walls.
  14. Welcome to Renotalk!! looking forward to see more pics and your tb loots..the barn door looks very cool!!
  15. Finally managed to edit my images above to bigger size instead of the tiny pictures..finally have time to upload the pics in my wordpress and copy the URL links and Ta-dah!! finally have bigger images...pardon my "newbie-ness".. .. my Evorich Vinyl floor completed in a day: seeing them cut and fix..very skillful... ..we selected Markham Oak Medium as we prefer darker color... Final Product: We realized there are shiny spots on the vinyl when there is a direct light shining on it..is it normal? or it is because it is very new? Timber Skirting: Contrast with Evorich floor and Homo-wood like floor: The contrast with two different kinds of tiles..hubby commented it will be better to do whole house vinyl i find it boring with same kind of tiles for our whole house, so decided to play around to have a different feel...hope i wont regret in long run.. Carpentry more or less confirmed, next will be the fixing of wooden doors, bi-fold doors and shower screen before starting on carpentry..carpentry is the most headache part in the whole reno process.. hope can see new things tmr...