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  1. Hi, I waited about 2 weeks. But I think it should be about 2-3weeks of waiting time. Have you follow up with your ID on the drawing? Maybe you will need to do some extra follow up when the Reno starts.. May have the tendency to delay the work..
  2. Hi, I heard from the user.. they have prob with water spot. in the end, i am using quartz top. Maybe you can try a water testing?
  3. Yes, 3D drawings! There will be some changes to the TV wall design and the shoe cabinet display. Living Room and study room Dry Kitchen and Dining Room Wet Kichen Dry and Wet Kitchen Shoe cabinet Display Personally, the ID manages to deliver the cozy feel that we want to achieve for our home. happy happy happy!! Welcome feedbacks and LIKEs!!
  4. This is not my intended font. I don't know why is show different font on my Mac. Anyway, thanks for the feedback. I have change to Arial.
  5. ya, need special paint and primer.. i tot of doing it for my kitchen tiles, because the color doesn't match my living room floor. but the paint will eventually fall off, in the end, it will be so ugly. Hence, i didn't do it.. looking for carpet maybe or other alternative.
  6. Ho, I received my 3D drawings, but as i am about to upload to the Gallery, it said "Error You have run out of space for uploads" ! should I delete my pervious uploads? or how should i resize the pervious photos? Help help!
  7. Nice Living Room! keep on sharing…
  8. My Colour theme… will be more on lighter tone and white. Will receive my 3D drawings soon.. excited!
  9. Hi, does that means that people will be directed to your Facebook link to see the photo?
  10. These are some of the pictures that i found online for my home. A brick wall is a must for Scandi theme. hahaa A glass door for the study room. A dry kitchen with an Island top.
  11. Ho ho ho, As I am not in the rush to move into the house, I am taking my own sweet time finding the right ID or contractor. "A lot of people" said, if you already have ideas on how to reno your house, you can go and find the contractor directly and save money. If you do not know, find the ID. We know what what we want for our house, however after talking to a few of the contractors, we give up. lol. Based on a few reasons: 1) Coordination work is tough. It takes one to know the process of the reno. Should Electricity goes first or Painting last? One wrong arrangement may affect the others working process. 2) I realized most of the contractors will not be on time when meeting for design discussion. sorry, but i just can't stand people who are late and they are super late for the appointment. 3) We are like "chicken and duck" talking to each other… lol.. although i have shown him pictures and color scheme that we like, but they will always give me options to choose, as they already have ready stock. And these options are not even near to my design. Hence, we decide to engage an ID to enjoy the whole process of the reno. Of coz, some ID can be irresponsible, but we will just have to deal with one person rather than air-con person, window person, contractor, flooring, painter, and others We have a met a few IDs- After meeting them for two appointments, we shortlisted 2 IDs and choose one of them. Both of them are very knowledgeable, friendly and able to answer every question that I asked them. ID 2: It is a team of 2 people. J will be dealing with customer personally and Y will be at the site managing the workers. ID 4: It is a team of 4 people. Every time we meet up, there will be 4 people at my house. one is an trainee, one is on costing, one is on design, one is one suppliers. In the end, we choose ID2 because we can really communicates with J. He is very experience and knows my preference in the design and how to create the coziness of a home. I am sure you will meet those IDs, which they are not really IDs, they do not have design and Know-how knowledge, they only deal will customers and give them quotation. They will not answer my questions immediately. J is not one of them. Budget is also one of our considering factor. No GST at the moment. ID2 is able to give us a very good price, after seeing a lot of the quotations. Let's pray hard that we make the right choice!
  12. Thanks! That's a good sharing. Upload via mobile is sooooo much convenient.
  13. Upload steps by Cnocturnum. 1. Sign in 2. Go to Gallery and Upload your photo first. 3. When in gallery, choose Upload (a black box) on RHS 4. At bottom, can see "Choose photo" or something like that. Click it, will take you to your PC, choose yr photo folder 5. Select yr photo. It uploads. Done. 6. To load that photo into a post in an existing or new thread, click to open new post window 7. Go via another window (that's how I do it) to the gallery category where I uploaded that photo, select that photo 8. Click on Options (it's a black box) on RHS 9. Click on Share Links 10. Choose and copy the Image Link code. 11. Go to your posting window and select the Image icon (above the box where you write your stuff), and then Paste the code into the little box that appears. I have to copy and paste here, in case i forgot again.