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  1. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with doing concrete floors themselves? I have a kitchen with older tile, and I just wanted to put concrete on top to give it an "industrial look." Anyone know of concrete mix I can purchase and some tips on how to do this myself? Thanks in advance!
  2. Yes, I don't want the paint to fall off... would be great to know if anyone has any recommendations on type of paint to use for tile to prevent mold etc...
  3. Hello, I would like to paint the kitchen floor tile, and bathroom wall tile. I found a Nippon Tile Paint that was quite expensive, $120+, therefore would be great to find other options too. Any advice on what kind of paint that would be best in the Singapore humidity and how to do this? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for your reply. They actually admitted that they should have let me know that this could be an issue before finishing the Laminate floor as they realized it was uneven. They said they can smoothing the parquet, but this is a huge inconvenience to us, as it will take 3 days to do, and we're also charged extra for this... Just wondering what is normal procedure for something like this, we'll see how it turns out in a while as the foam will get compressed....
  5. Hello, We're having some issues with the floor of the our flat. We used to had parquet flooring in living room and bedroom. But to create a bigger living room we knocked down the wall of the third bedroom. We decided to go with Laminate flooring to be laid over the parquet floor and the contractor already did so. But where the wall used to be, there are multiple soft spots when one steps on it. You can visually see, not just feel that the floor goes down when you step on certain areas. We've told our contractor, and the floor supplier came in yesterday. They said that they told the project manager about the unevenness where the wall used to be, and were given permission by the project manager to use double layer of foam at the area where the wall used to be. Supposedly the living room and bedroom floor is different height.... Contractor says it will be fine and not to be concerned, as the floor supplier said the floor will not sink in. But we were told not to place any heavy objects on the soft spots which is very difficult, because it's the only place to put our sofa as it's in front of the TV!! The only other option we're given is to remove the floor, sand down the bedroom floor....but there will of course be a extra charge for this. I'm wondering if this is normal procedure to use double layer foam? I'm also really concerned that over time, in the humid climate here in Singapore, the floor will get softer and sink it. Anyone able to give some advice on what to do about this?! Thanks!