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  1. Thank you bigeyes. If I am correct, it's formed by applying plaster on the wall, and use a mould to form the shaped.
  2. Walkway with hanging LED lights (2 bulbs not installed yet), also from taobao. Chalkboard paint on bomb shelter door, painstaking painted by my ID and I on a Saturday afternoon. My fav purchase from Taobao, Tom Dixon Beats lamp. Saw this in most lighting shop selling @ S$200. I got these 3 babies @ less than 200rm excluding shipping. Changed the bulbs to Philips 5W Led. Kitchen with New York Teak Kompacplus surface and wall. LED strip not installed yet. Oh ya I changed my hood and hob to tecno instead.
  3. Hi everyone, Sorry for the super slow updates. My renovation is coming to an end (excluding furnishing and decoration, which is another headache) and it has been an exhilarating journey so far. Like all first timer there tend to be some hiccups and mistakes along the way, luckily got my ID and renotalk forum helping me along the way =) Alot of people have been asking me the progress of my barn door. It is up and awaiting the final coat of paint (ignore the black marks in my photo they will be gone soon), and I am loving it so far! It is exactly what I have in mind, and the quality and service given is solid. However I need to clarify that mine is not using the real barn door wheel track, as u can see from my cmi drawing. Reason being the 'real' track is out of my budget @ $800+. For those interested, Hafele Singapore carries it. Mine is using aluminium track spray painted black and 2 stripes of wood are added on top for decorative purpose. Total cost for my solid wood door and track slightly >$1000. My random display shelves cum shoe cabinet and stucco brick wall. Effect of the stucco wall turns out better than I expected after installing the lights. Using 7.5W warm LED downlight from Philips. Tracklights from taobao. Relite petite fan in matte black. This model doesnt comes with remote control and the original regulator is very very hideous. Luckily the electrician is able to change it to Legrand regulator (www.legrand.com.sg), same series as all my switches.
  4. And finally my taobao lighting purchase is OTW to Singapore, and I am so excited. Even with peeka handling fee and shipping including, there is still significant savings compared to buying in Singapore. List of stuffs I am purchased on Taobao: Track lights Downlights Philip and Panasonic ceiling lamps for bedrooms and toilet 'Tom Dixon' Beats Pendant lamp Rectangular ceiling lamp for kitchen 'spider' bulb pendant lamp service yard lamp foyer lamp LED stripes and driver Stainless steel bidets Dehub Suction holders Some decor stuffs Total cost around $800 all in, which I think is a really good deal if all items are in good condition.
  5. You mean the baby blue one? If so its Nippon - raindrop. But my other bedroom is painted in a light shade of cyan, Nippon - Charming. Anyway this is the feeling I am trying to pull for my MBR, and I managed to find a similar oak color bed frame from ikea.
  6. I got it via my ID, which cost slightly more than the usual wardrobe. You can visit opsh website and might get a better offer. A few people ask me about my barn door contact. Need to clarify that I am not using the 'standard' barn door wheel track system, as it is too pricy. If I am not wrong, the track itself is already $800+ I am using a sliding track system modify to look like a wheel track, and the total cost including the customize solid wood door cost around $1k+. Will post more review when my door is installed.
  7. I am back! So sorry for the lack of updates as I was in my high key ICT and told my ID to take things slooooowwwwwly. Many changes in design along the way, and appreciate my ID for being so patience with me. I even change my MBR paint color the very last minute when the painters going to start painting, and he was able to accommodate my request. If I am him, I sure face black black one Just some photos of the false ceiling and partitioning I have done. As I am not hacking any wall to open up spaces, I need my ceiling to remain high. Thus I only have false ceiling at the foyer area (to hide a beam running above my main door) and L-box above TV console area. For the indent in the main wall, I choose to partition it partially and overlay with stucco brick wall, acting as my living room feature wall. A shoe cum open book shelve will be built into the remaining indent to fill up the space. As my dog still marks his territory occasionally, I am worry that his pee might damaged the parquet flooring. To change damaged parquet flooring means my customised wardrobe might need to be tore down. Thus my ID suggested using OPSH system which can be dismantle! It is a pole wardrobe system using stainless metal bar as frame, mounted to 2 sides of the wall. While I free up more space to hang my clothes as there is no internal carpentry, I do not have much drawer space. Will need to get another drawer to store my folded clothes and other barang. It comes with a built in foldable mirror too! Oh lastly, I am so in love with the barn door that I managed to convince my SO to use it as our kitchen door. Managed to find an amazing contractor who is able to customise a similar one for me at a great price. Let see how this turns out when the door arrives.
  8. Hi Nick, Just wondering for your kitchen, did you apply subway tiles to your backsplash and retain original HDB for the rest of the walls?
  9. It must be **** awesome to have a panel rainshower at home. Feel like showering in a spa everyday! I have to give compliments to Kelvin from Kompacplus. When I contacted him for more information on FB, he is very passionate about his company products and even whatsapp me some pictures of new series of design which is coming out in June.
  10. I think these might still be okie as it looks really sleek! Can share the taobao link? haha
  11. As I am a fan of woody texture, my ID recommended me to Kompacplus for my kitchen cabinet top. Apparently it not only looks good, Kompacplus is heat proof, scratch proof and even stain proof. Sounds too good to be true right? To verify its claims, I asked for an A4 size sample to conduct my own test! Test 1: Scratch test using kitchen scissors Result: Light scratches can be easily wiped off but I managed to permanently scarred the sample after giving it a super deep scratch. Definitely more scratch resistant compared to the solid surface at my current place. 2. Chopper Test Result: To be fair, most of us will not chop on our precious kitchen surface right? But Kompacplus survived the butchering session with minor permanent scars. 3. Leaving a boiling pot of water on top for 5 minutes Results: No visible damage 4. Direct Flame Result: To be fair, this is a wind proof lighter (stronger flame) and I did not move the flame at all. The surface started to crack after 8 seconds. If I move the flame around, Kompacplus survived even after 20 seconds. 5. Stain test with turmeric paste and soya sauce, leaving it on for 26 hours Results: For those who cook curry, you will know that turmeric is super hard to wash off. After wiping with a wet cloth, the turmeric caused a yellow stain on the surface. However everything came off after I scrub the stain with JIF. In conclusion, given its aesthetic woody design and high resistance properties, I should be using Kompacplus for my new place (; Anyone using iquartz, may I know what are your reviews?
  12. Hello Vivien, I have emailed you my ID contact. Hope he can be your right one. After meet up with different IDs and contractors, I find that most of them already have a standard template for us. Thus it is important to find an ID whom you can discuss, share ideals and give you constructive advices. Google for pictures of projects you like, and show them to the IDs so they can know which direction to start. For example when I see any nice ideals on pinterest, I will whatsapp them to my ID and see whether is it possible to incorporate them for my place. A few more well known IDs I arranged to meet cancel my appointment in the last minute giving crappy excuses, and I strike them off immediately. Some doesn't seem very happy when I tell them I will buy my lightings from taobao, I strike them off too. End of the day, choosing ID is like choosing life partner, find the one you are the most comfortable with (; The conventional rainshower which CAN be used will be this: And these type of panel rainshower system, no no no...
  13. Congrats on your purchase! I am getting a rainshower too and I shall solve the mystery of whether normal water pressure works for rainshower... Heard that conventional rainshower works well, just don't get the one piece rainshower system. Anyway I have received a piece of kompacplus from my ID, and have tested the sample under various scenarios. Stay tuned!
  14. Hello asychanbaby, I not sure about this but given the free gas pipe installation and 100% trade-in-value in the future if you need to change your heater, I am sure outside shops cannot match (;
  15. No progress for renovation yet as waiting for ID's drawing, but managed to start buying some appliances. 1. Blanco sink from Hoe Kee 2. Bosch Hob & Hoob Saw this package on promotion @ Gain City and counter check price with Spam & GAB. GAB gives me such an attractive deal that I pay a deposit on the spot. 3. Rinnai Gas Heater ** Copied from City Gas Webby ** From 15 March to 30 April 2014, purchase the following products to enjoy delightful deals! Purchase any Gas Water Heater and enjoy: - Free gas pipe installation (up to $80) - Free 6 month extended warranty (+1 year original warranty) - 100% trade-in value for a new gas water heater* Just these appliances alone is so tiring, can't imagine when its time to shop for furniture. Wish me all the best!