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  1. Hi, can give me the contact of your contractor E? after Moving in, on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being best, how many marks will you give them. Thank you. Best regards Rita
  2. Hi Tiler Seng Will be collecting key for a 4 rm std bto flat in either Dec this year or Jan 17. Is looking to do homogenous tiling for living room and bed rooms, carpentry include 2 wardrobe, 1 shoe rack, kitchen cabinets, vanity for both bathrooms. Thank you.
  3. Hi Prideguy, Can give me the contact of your electrician and interior contractor. if you can, I hope that you don't mind to send me the detailed breakdown of your quotation. Lastly, did you ask J & E and Your wife's uncle for quotation before collection of key or after? Thank you very much. Best regard
  4. Hi Jolene, Are you able to PM me your contract contact and quotation. I will be collecting my key in Q4 this year. Thank you in advance. Best regards Rita
  5. Hello D3n Can PM me your ID quote and electrician quote for your 4 room bto flat? I will receive my key at Q4 this year. Thank you in advance.
  6. Hi Pikachuuu, Can PM me your contractor's contact, quote and aircon contractor A's contact? Will be collecting my key for 4 room bto soon and really want someone with good carpentry workmanship. Inlaws recently renovate the kitchen and the workmanship. Haiiiii. maigongliao.
  7. Hi pikachuuu, Can PM me your contractor's contact and rough quote Thank you Best regards Rita
  8. Hi Can pm me your contractor and quotation too. my 4 room will be coming next year, and my budget is in your region too. Thank you.
  9. Hi Malaxo, Can Pm me J&E quotation if possible, if not. please advise kitchen cabinet's price/ per feet. Trying to guesstimate my coming flat's renovation budget
  10. Hi Zio,


    Can PM me your electrician's contact


    Thank you.

    Best regards


  11. Hi Wmyeo Can email me your quotation if possible to chw_rt@yahoo.com If not, please email me like cabinet price/per ft. Trying to do a rough calculation of money needed for my 4 room HDB that will be ready next year. Thank you. Best regards Rita
  12. Hi There, Can you email me your ID contract & quotation. cost per ft if possible. My email: chw_rt@yahoo.com Also care to share the link of the blogger who had just completed her renovation under the same contractor . Thank you. Best regards Rita
  13. Hi, Can you PM me your reno quote and ID too. Thank you. Best regards rita
  14. Hi Mr & Mrs P


    Can give me your contractor's contact. Your renovation is very nice.


    Thank you.

    Best regards