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  1. icic... so next week can start reno. Mine hopefully can end by next week! great!! looking forward to your pics!
  2. wow, the 3D look very nice. Do share a bit more with us when you start the actual reno!!
  3. Agreed with Spooky. It's my place and i decide on everything so it's a bit of balancing between advice and what you like
  4. yes... now realize i started this page without an end in mind. I think need to go back to the first few pages to 'redo' and post more pic.
  5. hey, sorry for the late reply... You can try the famous Mr Sim, so far so good. He's finishing up my unit soon but i think i'm happy to recommend him. Mr Sim, +65 9818 2445⁠
  6. hey hey... just realize we got the same taste! I got the same set of lights and bathroom accessories. when is yours ready? must invite us over. hehe
  7. bro, so far so good i guess, how many more week to handover? ID is your friend so i guess it's a lot better
  8. It's quite a long time since i updated the progress. I started posting a bit early so the actual reno only started in late July/ early Aug. When i have a chance i will post some of the reno pic.