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  1. 1. Initially I was keen on small furniture as I'm going to stay alone, but designer showed me the emptiness if I were to go ahead in the 3d drawing. Thus we went shopping for a 3 seater and a lazy chair + a 4 seater dining table together. 2. Lights and carpet were purchased by him as I was too busy. 3. As the corridor false ceiling looks too empty, he did modification work to the false ceiling to create a layer effect. 1. Last but not least, we hacked the wall adjacent to create a mini work area along with my clothes for easy access. I had the common mindset, the hacking has to be in the middle. But he suggested we do the opening at the window side, to be unusual. Which turns out fine. 2. As a engineer, I don't really like the idea of having doors. So we agreed on a open concept wardrobe, he choose to use black powdered coated metal to create a sleek effect.
  2. Generally, I choose this particular guy because 1. I believed an ID should be bringing you into their ideas, and not you telling them you want this you want that. - I think this is very good. 2. His initial quote was out of my budget, but he was flexible to change things around. - Shows flexibility, not just out to close sales. 3. He explained to me every material that's going to be used for every area. - Let me have a understanding of the materials used. 4. His work is very sleek, very detailed as he drove me to his on-going project to have a glace. - Gave me confidence. 5. He will set a date to go shopping with you, be it sofa or kitchen-ware, that he shortlisted for you - One stop service.
  3. Hi everyone, Just past the mark to be eligible to purchase resale flat. Thus purchased a 5 bedrrom on the open market. As I reside alone, I decide to leave a few rooms empty, and the kitchen in it's most basic form, enough for me to cook instant noodles. Shortlisted IDs 1. Ed**** from *andE Design. Contacted them but no quotation follow up, and disappeared slowly. 2. Sam*** from ** Studio Young guy, has his own idea. Very flexible with his designs, good hand drawing skills too. But a lil pricey and the style doesn't suits me. 3. Jas** from V**** Very straightforward and experience during space planning, however one of our friend took up with them prior to us. Did not hear pleasant things about their sub con. 4. L** from A*** Design Previously worked in Taiwan, ideology slightly different from local IDs. 1st meeting took a mere 25 minutes, he asked questions about your lifestyle and hobbies. Did not ask much questions regarding the house. It was more of a match-making session.
  4. Hi, Anyone with electrician contact to share please pm me! Thanks in advance
  5. You can try atas designs, I'm meeting them this week. My friend's condo done by them was fantastic. The first meeting only took 10 mins according to my friend, as they only take your floor plan, then they go back and come back with their own design. I think this is what you're looking for, I'll update you after my meeting through PM!
  6. Hello, Has anyone engaged this ID firm before? My friend told me the boss from Taiwan and their electrical work is inhouse but they are new in Singapore, but their design http://facebook.com/atasdesigns is nice. But a bit scare, because new company. Please pm me of your experience if any!