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  1. can pm me ur quotation and price? i'm keen :)

  2. Still cannot find interested buyer. Thus really Lelong sale. Refer to post http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/71527-llpls-new-house-punggol-waterway-brooks/?do=findComment&comment=924701 1) Philips Dining Light (Dining Light 30900) at only $150 (Cost price is RMB1985 = ~ S$441) 2) Crystal Ball (25cm LED 8w) at only $10 (Cost price is RMB266.77 = ~ S$59)
  3. Hi t14388, apologies for the super late reply coz now i don't visit this site anymore coz need to prepare for another milestone. our first child is arriving soon. Yup hoe kee is correct to inform you that they don't help customer to open hole on the left of the sink. i only managed to ask hoe kee to open one additional hole on the right of the sink for the soap dispenser. Thus for the one for the filtration system. I asked the ID to open a hole on the kitchen table top for the filtration system water dispenser on the left of the sink
  4. Hi,

    Very nice house there.. 

    can you pm me your final quotation and invoices on your entire reno. I would like to see how much the cost of hacking walls cost, cabinets etc . thanks!