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  1. hi again! can i check with you what is the depth of your fridge cement base? what fridge did you buy?
  2. Hi Madeline, Is that a shoe cabinet that concealed the bomb shelter? Able to take photo of the shoe cabinet when it's opened? my layout also similar as yours and i felt that the depth is not enough to build a shoe cabinet. And did you shift the switch at the entrance of the kitchen? it was originally inside the kitchen at the entrance right? may i know how much your electrician quote you? thanks!
  3. hi, possible to PM the price?
  4. Hi, Can you tell me your renovation cost?
  5. Hi Osiris7777, Good design! Can you PM me your contractor's contacts and if possible the quotation for your renovation?
  6. is it possible to show me some pictures of the console with the pricing? must the console be fixed to the floor and/or to the ceiling?
  7. do you guys know where to get a rotatable tv console/panel? roughly how much will it cost if i custom-make one? thanks
  8. hi there, i'm currently planning to reno my bedroom. need some ideas on how to go about doing it. could you guys upload pictures of your bedrooms? thanks!