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  1. missterry

    Curtains Help

    Hello, if anyone has Vincent's contact, please PM me with it. Many thanks!
  2. Yeah, my exact concern.
  3. HiHi, I got them from Universal Union. Hood + Hob = $880. Sink = $175
  4. hi doubleEM, 400-700!!
  5. That's really nice! shall send him this pic and ask him. muahahhahah
  6. HI roberttty, i didnt realize the original box was black until uniarm finished installing
  7. Kitchen cabinet base and washing machine base was also in the works today
  8. Uniarm was installed today!
  9. The hacking was done on Monday New kitchen entrace New entrance to wardrobe & study room Original door frame removed Door is well protected Basin removed. i kept the tap aside.
  10. Hi Freb. asked the ID today on the corner drawers. basically, its a dead corner =/ do you have ideas how we use that space?
  11. HI wmayeo, yes ive considered that. in fact, im eyeing this beauty http://renotalk.com/forum/uploads/med_gallery_58479_328_77542.png buuuuttttt, im just worried it will look out place...so still not yet decided
  12. Need everyone's adv here. We are in a dilemma on how to cool the dining area without a standing fan. since we are placing dining lights right above, and we are not keen on the ceiling fan+light kit, how else to have our meal without sweating buckets? appreciate all inputs!
  13. updates: Our cement screeding appeal went through! Rectifications have also been completed. And we have also finished our 'dong tu' ID has came back with revised drawings. we have changed 1 of the cabinets into a open shelve. the middle shelve is a pull out shelve. plan is to put the nescafe machine there and put some books in the other open shelves. also changed the direction of the sofa and tv in accordance to fengshui adv. converted 1 of the common rooms into our walk in wardrobe + study room space has also been allocated for the microwave above the oven
  14. Hello 43atCR, our ID has measured everything quite well. the only con is that when someone is sitting at the dining area, our movements in and out of the kitchen and opening of the fridge door will be slightly impeded. a dining table width of 800mm will fit nicely into the space allocated