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  1. this is very useful, bought it from taobao, comes w 4 cups too
  2. @brokenx u can see my earlier post, posted the model of the fridge n u can google the model n measurements (:
  3. bought these 2 which i think is really good! dyson v8 absolute+ xiaomi mijia roborock gen 2(vacuum n mop function) can consider! both can pickup alot of dust and hair etc!
  4. after staying for afew months i shall update more often hahaha! my hubby bought this and i think is really good! highly recommend! bought from shopee!
  5. @hdb4ever no ventilation leh i actually didnt bother abt it lols! sometimes i will open up n let it air! thanks for the rec for the grout sealer!
  6. @hdb4ever thanks for the tips! may i know where to get them? hahaha!
  7. one thing i do not like about HDB toilet & kitchen tiles is that it catches the dirt so easily? if u dont clean it will become like the image below. i purposely didnt clean so that i can show yall! omg i cant stand i have to clean like approx 3 days if not it will be so dirty!
  8. @shizzyrir hi wads ur email? i seldom come here le
  9. @brokenx hello dear see my image as attached electrician quoted me $2K plus for switch
  10. @hdb4ever hello so far so good! we bought this for our gate from indiegogo! u can go down to their showroom at hipvan raffles if im not wrong (: they have all the samples there
  11. furnitures came ytd, very pleased with the products n their service (: if youre curious where i got them from pls check out my previous post, all the details are there! feel free to ask me anything, will try my best to answer if i can! thanks for dropping by!
  12. @CCTEH racks $3XX-$5XX(groupbuy price) movers - depends on wad youre moving also LED mirror - i cant rmber paiseh!