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  1. HI can i have gary and vincent and nick contacts? thanks

  2. Hi can i have the contact for contractor J and E?


  3. Hi,

    Very nice house there.. 

    can you pm me your final quotation and invoices on your entire reno. I would like to see how much the cost of hacking walls cost, cabinets etc . thanks!

  4. I got a quote from them their pricing is same as what other IDs quoted me. And they took very long to reply to my queries.
  5. I dropped them an email on my requirements budget etc for a initial quote but till now 3weeks no news nothing. maybe my budget is too low for their liking.
  6. Kim Seng reviewed *** Interiors Singapore — 5 star December 10, 2015 · Being first time house owners, we were naturally excited and started sourcing for potential IDs way before there were any news on key collection. We came across *** at one of the expo fairs and met Roger. He was one of the few who responded and followed up with quotations despite knowing that our house might only be ready in 2 years time. Without our commitment to sign up with him for our reno, he took us to his completed projects on our request so that we can have a sensing of the workmanship and his designs. Sensing his sincerity, we decided to sign up with him. During these 2 years, he takes time to understand our budget, the type of design that we wanted and comes up with design ideas. He listens to what we need, want and provides advice. He does not force his ideas on us and give us space to make the final decision. He also keeps strictly to the budget given to him. He was also very accommodative to our schedule. Our reno happened slightly the cny period. He managed our expectations for the reno completion date and tries his best to complete minor areas so once cny is over, the reno can proceed immediately. He comes down to check on the process and keeps us updated with photos. There was once he met at my home late at night to go through the laminates selection before the carpentry went up. Most importantly, the workmanship was good and he ensures that all areas that we are dissatisfied with are rectified. Overall we are satisfied with his work, the after service rendered and the workmanship. If u r looking for a designer who is responsible, patient and listens to your needs, we recommend that you approach Roger.
  7. How many times and in how many threads u need to post this? almost all the threads i see this. Can't you just create a thread and do whatever you want with it. Gosh
  8. Hi can I have the contact of your contractor? Or anyone? Pls
  9. Hi, i am now sourcing for good reliable renovation contractors, if you guys have any good reasonable reliable ones please feel free to PM me. Any form of help is much appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hi can i have the contact of your renovation contractor? thanks