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  1. I am sharing my experience with a constant toilet seepage issue in my HDB flat on the 7th floor. The seepage has been ongoing for six months, and it has caused significant inconvenience and disruption in my daily life. The seepage first appeared in my master bedroom toilet on February 4, 2023. Water droplets began to fall from the ceiling around the stack pipe and the stack pipe itself. I immediately contacted HDB, and they dispatched a private contractor from the 8th floor to investigate the issue. The private contractor from the 8th floor initially claimed that the seepage was not their responsibility, as it fell under the town council's jurisdiction. However, I coordinated with HDB to involve the town council in resolving the matter. A town council plumber verified the stack pipe's integrity. He concluded that the seepage was coming from the toilet in the apartment directly above mine on the 8th floor. HDB then engaged private contractors from the 8th floor to rectify the matter. However, despite conducting three separate water ponding tests, seepage persisted. The private contractors on the 8th floor contested the findings. They proposed alternate explanations, such as structural issues or the involvement of a neighbouring unit on a higher level. A dry test was conducted, which revealed no seepage as the neighbour on the 8th floor refrained from using the master bedroom toilet. However, the latest water ponding test, personally observed by a Zonal Engineer from HDB on July 29, 2023, conclusively confirmed the seepage's source to be the toilet in the flat on the 8th floor. After six months of enduring this seepage predicament, I am exasperated and grappling with its implications. Water stains have marred the ceiling of my master bedroom toilet and permeated into the wall fixture, compounding the damage. Moreover, I am deeply concerned about the potential health hazards of a consistently damp environment. I am writing to this forum to seek help and advice from other homeowners who may have experienced similar issues. I am also calling on HDB to take decisive action and compel the private contractors on the 8th floor to rectify this ongoing issue. I meet my HDB Service and Conservancy fee obligations as a responsible and law-abiding citizen. I am entitled to an environment free from moisture and mould-related concerns. I hope this post will raise awareness of this issue and help bring about a resolution. Thank you for your time. Hashtags: #HDB #toiletseepage #moisture #mold #healthhazard
  2. Hi, i managed to pm some of you. sorry some of you may not received as some issue with my mailbox.
  3. any recommended legal that i can get advise on this contract? As it seem the contract drafted unfairly in favour of the contractor.
  4. any recommended legal that i can get advise on this contract? As it seem the contract drafted unfairly in favour of the contractor.