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  1. Hi all, tapping on this thread to look for Contractors, tilers, Electricians and Plumbers. Anyone has good contacts that can start the renovation work the soonest? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi Vayenyang

    Tried to PM you but not sure why you can't receive it. Sending msg here instead... 

    We are looking for a contractor, do you recommend yours? How much is your approximate total renovation cost if you could share? 

    Thank you

  3. Anyone out there using IKEA kitchen? Any updates since 2013? Thought of installing from them. Good?
  4. Hi, anybody knows if HDB still do free cement sceeding or confirm no more of such service? Thanks for reading my post.
  5. Anyone has cemented flooring (industrial modern looking)? Any comments? Easy to clean? Is it slippery?
  6. Hi all, anyone know if the vinyl flooring is easy to mop?
  7. Hello, does anyone know if we could change the look of the toilets for new BTO flats? I heard that we can't do major changes like hacking for the first 3years? Does changing the tiles on walls, doors, position of sink, etc permissible?
  8. Thanks for the useful tips, kangaroo168 and diva79. Appreciate it. Fast forward abit.... May I know how often do we have to check on the renovation progression? Is it everyday? If we are busy, is it more advisable to engage the ID to monitor the progression and quality check the renovation for us?
  9. Dear all, We are clueless and would like to ask some questions here. Ehh... What's next after collecting the keys? Do we engage a contractor, ID, or can we engage separate suppliers (eg. Contractor for kitchen (Blum), contractor for flooring, for lightings, for wardrobe, etc...) Is it more expensive to get them separately and which should come first? Flooring? Electricity? Painting? Others? Which one? Hope someone can give us some pointers for now.... because we have load of questions to ask actually. Lol. Thank you in advance.