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  1. Thanks for the reply. I have a follow up question to your unifi AP. Can you spare some time to explain in detail how your home network is connected? Including use of the PoE injector. POE injector/adapter has 2 ports. (1)POE (2)LAN. Which device does each port connect to? Thanks!
  2. Hey d3n, could you share on your living room aircon BTU and how well it cools your TV area? considering putting my unit on the tv wall. thanks
  3. PM'd *update* Good man this Jonathan, called me and gave a quote on the spot. Thanks for the quick follow up
  4. seems this company not interested in doing just tiling. Took a week to contact me back and when I stated I just needed tiling, no further contact. LOL
  5. Ty for keeping this alive. 2014 until now, respect. Pls pm me your contact and link to your t blog.
  6. if the project already over, why can't just post the contractor's details? it's fruitless and unsustainable to keep PM. Already have pictures as proof, defeats the purpose of this forum if bad eggs not exposed.
  7. Just started reading but already v impressed, especially how the painted feature walls turned out. Very chic! Good job and thanks for sharing
  8. nice read, thanks for sharing. could you share some pics of the finished house? I'd also like to know about your purchases like the grohe items (did you get them online etc).
  9. This deserves its own thread. Be it a guide to others on what can happen. Perhaps should dry lay a handful of tiles beforehand.
  10. Thanks for sharing your journey. interested to know more about which door/system you have chosen for your hybrid kitchen/dining wall. is your contractor going to do it or a door company? thanks!
  11. sorry, I meant aircon brand & system. couple of other questions 1) Is there a curb or slope at your main door to the outside? and whatever design it is combined with the panel on your gate, does dust & washing from outside come in? 2) how effective is your hood extractor since you have an open kitchen? thanks again
  12. btw which aircon did you go for? sorry if i missed the post. Reading up about the topic now and would be great to hear from you since you seem to really do your homework :)
  13. Congrats on the beautiful new main gate. Good tip about the corridor washing. So what did you do with the original gate? Back to the AP point. Do I understand correctly that the DB box is near the shoe cabinet. and the exposed trucking runs all the way from the right side of the photo to the left along. Though I only see 1 foot of trunking, what's the reason?
  14. you're a champ! good to know it's all LAN ready. sorry have to ask what this means " the distance is 1 beam distance "? tried google but no success. my concern is the mbr is so far from living room. multiple walls & door in the way. I also notice your AP trunking disappears into the wall (?). confused why you need trunking when the rest of it could be hidden. assume your lan cable from AP connects to a switch that is nearby? is it normal for id to do boxing up of the aircon trunking instead of Aircon fella? 1/2" & 22 copper I saw somewhere charge $80 top-up, good for you thx!