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  1. Hi Renotalk peeps, my Joven brand storage water tank is not heating up the water... both red and green led are lit. But no hot water coming out of taps after waiting more than 10 minutes. Unfortunately, the warranty period is over. Called Joven and getting them to come will be charged $40 transport $60 labour $15-80 spare parts. Easily I have to pay $100+. Anyone has tried their repairs before? I didn't expect it could break down so fast within 1+ year of usage.
  2. Hi I was following your blog on scandinavian attempt, and was wondering if you could provide me with Mr J&E's contact pls? Thanks in advance!

  3. Hi

    Can you share your contractor's details?


  4. Hi, my LED lights are from 80% Taobao and 20% Ikea. Common brands are FSL, Opple, Panasonic & Philips. U can read more in my t-blog below link. You'll save some money shopping from Taobao. But always read carefully reviews and ask questions to the seller within Tb app.
  5. Hi, I won't be checking here so frequently. Please pm me instead.
  6. Hi, the cost was around $3.8k for both toilet wall tiles overlay. Not sure has prices changed.
  7. Please pm me if you want my contractor's contact. Thank you.
  8. Thank you for dropping by. It's a simple reno. All pm sent.
  9. Thank you for dropping by. All pm replied.