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  1. Well thanks. There's some delays to my key collection (developer's lawyer secretary on MC ). Then by the time I can book my appointment for keys collection (ok, I did look at Chinese Calendar to pick a good date, you can download the apps), all the good dates taken left the so so date so I postpone a little for a better date. Below is a example of the Chinese Calendar and its information: 宜 means ok to do those stuff. 忌 means not ok to do those stuff 时辰吉凶 means the time you can or cannot do, go google the range of timing.
  2. I read about Door Opening rituals here and has asked a few questions here in renotalk on how to do it but I eventually decide not to do it the Chinese way. Instead being a Christian I will do it in my own Christian ways. LOL. I don't think I will post photo on my ritual because I respect the power of it.
  3. My unit has a bigger balcony (where the dotted lines is) 150sqm. The funny thing is when we bought this house we did not even get to see the showflat cause it has been taken down. Personally I feel the selling point of this unit is: - the 2nd Master Bedroom (which I call it) cause of its Jack & Jill Toilet, its only slightly smaller than the master - Total toilet include DW toilet (domestic worker) is 4. Initial plan was: 1) B4 as Karaoke room (that has been taken off and now will be Study Room so Sea Horizon neighbours has no 耳福), 2) B4 as MIL room (now change to B5), 3) B2 kids room (now change to B2 & B3). A lot of changes when you initially planned so do start doing your stuff earlier.
  4. Ok Sea Horizon just gotten its TOP that's means to say I will be getting my keys in a couple of days. I have met up with 2 designers (a lot of hassle) cause you need to repeat yourself again and again about what you want. I really 佩服 (salute) those who meet up with so many designers, I really cannot do that. After 2, I already want to give up especially when you come across renowed Interior Design Firm that recruit fresh intern/green designers. My experience was quite unpleasant. 1) I don't like being serve by someone inexperience (though they are designers but they are of different level) 2) I think I have better designs than what they commonly proposed (I can faint when they show me a design of a bags showcase something you can buy ready made and its definitely more beautiful than the one they proposed) 3) You guys go try out and you will know 要吐血 (vomit blood). 1st ID go MIA, maybe I think he was not able to deliver what I wanted as he kept proposing their common package. What I wanted wasn't in their package so whenever I text him he always told me he was busy and will get back to me and eventually go MIA..... I don't want to mention which company but I do think there are many out there (just observe when you go exhibition, there's a huge group of green ID sitting near their booth just like they were waiting to be slaughter). 4) 2nd ID was really expensive even on the estimation of what I want from paper. I eventually decide on my contractor instead (recommended by my friend's sister who did her 'The Manhatten' project in Simei) Let me try posting my floor plan, don't really know how to do it.....
  5. Hi Can you please PM me the contact for the cutlery organiser. Thanks.
  6. Ray, You are right its all made in China. Someone told me if the LED light strip is not working you can cut it out and put it in yourself. Anyone know how??
  7. Hi, I like your dish rack, where to get, what's the price for it? Pls advise, thanks.
  8. I like your fridge, may I know what is the brand? How much did you pay for it, where can I get it from.
  9. Hi duomaxwell, I am reading your open door ritual, I have a few questions: 1) Have you shifted into your new house, do you feel a difference in the energy? 2) Do you have any more things you want to add on for future open door ritual which you have not done? 3) You mention under Door open 1) Knock door 3 times (if there are door bell shall we ring the bell instead? 4) Leave the home and close the door, do not return for 3 days (do we need to close the windows or let the Qi continue to flush in and out?) Do you have anything to elaborate.
  10. duomaxwellhow you find the sewing of the curtain is it good? Material? Thanks for the contact.
  11. I have been using LG for the past 15 years for my 2 houses and no problem. So will be changing another new LG for my new house soon.