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  1. Love your gate! Holey but not too holey! Means people have to actually peer inside your house to see it, instead of a glance. But that touch up is nasty. I hope you heckle them good!
  2. We wanted to use the leftover sink cutout for ledges as well, but our contractor said that will be additional costs -$200 extra for masonry works and plus plus for polishing of the edges. We felt like it's just so not worth it for two measly ledges.
  3. Teka 2 zone induction hob for $770? Win!! We bought a bosch 2 zone induction hob for $900. Taobao also carries boxes? I didn't think of that. We were wondering where to get them for cheap and good! YAYY!
  4. Check out Pinterest for ideas. Then just pin the ones you like, for kitchen, bedroom etc. You will find that there are certain things you prefer more over others, so from there you can formulate your theme and what you need. Hope this helps! Congratulations on the key collection!
  5. 3 major things that caught my eye. 1. That herringbone feature wall in the toilet! Super super super love! 2. You guys ordering pole system wardrobe from taobao?! Please please please review that when it arrives. 3. We also got the hitachi French series too, but 4 doors one. I like that the doors open up in the middle with very little partition. Provides ample storage space.
  6. Yes! I don't get it when IDs or contractors warn us against buying from taobao when I see so many renotalkers doing it. Sure, there are some misses but there are plenty of hits as well.
  7. Hello!! Funny coincidence coz I saw that weirdly placed hob at the corner, brass handles, marble top and had an inkling this was you. Hurhur. The bohemian look is so you, btw. Better do more than just cook maggi in that beautiful kitchen. (: