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  1. Hi Guys I am looking to install blinds for my BTO 3 room flat. What should I look out for when shopping for blinds? Any good recommendation? Thanks
  2. Any good recommendation for the following: - Sofa (Budget: Less than $500) - Hob and hood - Sink and faucet - Mulit-point water heater - Bed and mattress (Budget: Less than $500) Also, is anyone of you using hot/cold water dispenser at home?
  3. Hi bykaraanne Did you use an ID or just contracter?
  4. I just got my keys but yet to visit the flat. This is my floor plan.
  5. It is very kind and nice of you to share with me the above pointers slashmylove! It is indeed very useful especially for my case where I will not be engaging an ID due to budget constraints. My BTO is in Yishun estate so we are quite near!! Haha.... Do share with me any other useful pointers so I can learn and take note when doing my planning...
  6. Wow! Congrats to you too slashmylove! Thanks so much for your input. Where is your BTO located? Here's my list: Kitchen cabinets - yes Not sure if I will skip the rest to cut cost...
  7. I shall give this a miss as my main focus now is the necessity first. Nevertheless, thanks for the quote.
  8. Thanks rae...! I am more towards a minimalist design...
  9. Hi Shaguadan Thank you for your reply. How much does Vinyl flooring cost? Do you have any good air con package to share with me? Looking for system 3.... Do we do electrical/plumbing, carpentry or install aircon first?
  10. Hi Nakanihi Thanks for your reply. My flooring is already included when I bought my BTO from HDB...
  11. I would like your advice on the necessary items for kitchen renovation and pls do advice on any value for money products.
  12. For BTO from HDB, do we start with carpentry work or electrical and plumbing?
  13. I am finally going to get my keys from HDB tomorrow! Any ideas where should I start after key collection? This is my floor plan...