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  1. Super Beautiful Home!! Omg Love that feature plant wall...... Wow.. And the overall colour theme, see already very comfy and cosy~ Thanks for documenting and sharing the DIY process~ Btw roughly how much did you spent on the reno ar?
  2. Really enjoyed reading this whole post! So fun and informative! Inspires both of us lazy couch potatoes to want to attempt DIY as well! Especially the Switch boxes!! Thank you!!
  3. Wah hwaa korkor, your floor tiles and balcony tiles..... Jin Swee!! What tiles are these ar? Thanks.
  4. This gray textured wall is really cool~! Is it the Nipoon textured paint? Cos we are interested in having textured natural shading wall something like that, but we do not like wallpaper, so still researching at the moment.
  5. Just wondering if TS is active or anyone who is asking for quotes within these 2 months has gotten a PM reply?
  6. Wow! Nice MBR and especially love the bed! haha. Even has powerpoint build in~ Awesome! Whole room ambience ooks cosy to sleep in too! The bed is a custom carpentry ya? Is this a storage bed? Jin nice!
  7. Super well written (and funny) Blog! Read it through! Thank u so much for sharing! Can TS (if still around) or any kind person please pm me the contact for this contractor? Thanks!
  8. Hi, we are using Tecno TH-968T hood in our kitchen and it has been over a year, thus we would like to change the charcoal filter. However, we are not sure where we can find and get it. Any recommendation and advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Hi, I'd like to get a quote for a Mitsubishi Electric Starmax System 2. (2x 9k btu) Thanks.
  10. Just wondering has anyone successfully purchased from thread starter can share some honest reviews please? Cos it seems like seller is very hard to contact, and takes days to reply (even for sms)..
  11. Heya bro, can you kindly pm me the LED contact and ur ID contact/quote please? thanks alot man!
  12. We just gotten a Joven 25l for our new 3 room bto.. Hopefully its enough for 3 of us.. Lol.. (Thou its too late to change now..)
  13. Recently heard of this brand while i was doing research and shopping for fans in those neighbourhood electrical shops... But not many shops carry this brand.. Usually just Fanco and Crestar.. So in the end, we just go for fanco. Lol.. Cos Price wise also significant difference between the 2 brands.