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  1. Anyone use them before? My in-laws are about to engage them but I haven't found much reviews on them. Please help! Thanks!
  2. I went to the talk for the fun of it. Irritated the sales person abit cos I understand about the timeshare thingy abit. And even ask silly technical questions where the sales person wasn't competent to reply...but overall the sales person never got angry. Kept a smile on the face. I got a $100 netts card. I guess I dun mind listening to gain some experience on this. =)
  3. Actually when I first met Mr K, I was sceptical. Hubby also felt .... But we settled with him due to the fact I DIDN'T have the strength or time (cos at that time found out I preggy) to go do anymore research. Since an online fren highly reccommended him..I took the plunged. So far, as our renovation goes along...I felt he is very easy going. He is detailed in certain aspect and at any time you have questions, you can always call him or sms him (sometimes replies are slow but he will reply). Will be going down to our unit next sat to check on the kitchen + wardrobe. Hopefully it will be done to our expectation. So far, the rest of the things done (such as shower screen, svc yard, painting, installation of lights..) is pretty good.
  4. clockwork, I peifu you. Heehee. But my hubby also recently making a slight change...more doting and helping me do more things.
  5. raincole, It really seriously depend on your condition when you are pregnant. Some women are weak during 1st trimester, so sometimes the gyne will require her to have bed rest and/or injections to help prevent losing the baby. While there are some, who doesn't have any issue. I travelled when I was pregnant. Both kids when I was 27 weeks preggy. Once also in the 1st trimester to genting...even sat the trill rides (though my parents warned me not to)...nothing happened. My gyne says clean bill and I request for a letter of travel by gyne (till 32 weeks) so that the airport customer service won't stop me (just in case). So it really depends on the situation.
  6. Mistake made. Quote are as per below ALL BEST: Toshiba - $1,639 Mit-E - $1,875 Gain City (I do not like the people's attitude): Toshiba - $1,909 Mit-E - $2,049 Hong Tar Toshiba - $1780 Mit-E - $1,900
  7. I am looking for Toshiba and Mit-E (Starmex) system 3 non-invertor quote. ALL BEST: Toshiba - $1,639 Mit-E - $1,875 Gain City: Toshiba - $1,800 Mit-E - $2,049 Anyone used Kaisoon?
  8. Can someone PM me the list too...or email me at icebaby1_98@yahoo.com (Subject: List)
  9. Can anyone pm me Patrick's hp and email? Many thanks! I am only thinking of renovation my kitchen, painting and installing a shower screen in the MBR toilet. Does he do this kind of simple reno? Anyone did something like that and have quote? If have, can email to icebaby1_98@hotmail.com (Subject "Ho Bee"?)