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  1. I gotten MK and i purchased them myself at CC. normal white one..total cost me less than $100 for about 20pics..and ask my contractor to return me back the normal one that he orginally used.
  2. Summer thks! Yup...getting more busy...just finish my PS...starting my guest list now... hongss: which one u referring to? u refer to the one whereby there is switches below the cabinet? u can email me at darrenjojo@gmail.com...cos i am not checking this website often. cheers!
  3. hi..can chk where did u got ur bricks from? and how? thks!
  4. Wah! Mr & Mrs Wormz...ur house so fast furnished liao...my house still empty empty leh... i have not pack my books yet...still in my balcony.....ur house is sooooooo nice! the $$ is worth spending leh.... !!
  5. retang...haiz..it happened to me again today!! They delivered the colour correctly...BUT the POSITIONING is WRONG again.... they told me need to recitify....abt 3 weeks...therefore i warn everyone..dun get their family members to accept the order from them...u better inspect urself...THEY ARE SIMPLY LAZY! THEY DUN CHECK AT ALL...IN my invoice...there is drawings on the position liao! NOW they say cos they rush so they nvr see...OMG...what kind of FURNITURE are they!??? I AM SUPER DUPER GLAD that my TV console i got from another store...which the service and product...make me much more happier..than this! I tot the delivery will be smooth so i get my dad to accept the sofa..and pay them...but who knows...this is my 1st purchase for my 1st new house w my bf and it turns out to a super "happy" incident for us...
  6. hey! Jo here...good and worth it purchase...when is the housewarming??? I am waiting hor!
  7. PLEASE avoid them if u can...i am v upset w them! They promise they will send me the correct set of sofa cover by thur which is today...and today i call up...they say there is no such order! Take note....we personally visited them twicE! They want us to take pix of the sofa that they deliver wrongly...we told them it is white that they deliver and the invoice written brown...they dun believe us! *cry* i am vvvv sad now..no nice nice sofa for pple to sit..and the sofa cover got a hole..which they say they cannot change for us! Btw...we wait for abt 3 weeks..liao
  8. i bought mine at wu jian shops...and i walk back home while my bro help me to carry it..not v heavy lah..just that car cfm cannot put in!
  9. u can pm me..w ur information..i got a PE at home..hehe....btw, PE dun need to do drawing...they only need to go thru the diagram and sign.
  10. We got the same mirror!! HAHA...hmmm...u got my multiply? it is inside there... did i show to u before? huh, courts also have? Hmm..i need another one..will go to courts and see...which courts?
  11. Hi, can know what fridge did u get?
  12. xinyi...why u nvr get ur chairs from ikea? they have nice folding chairs w back-rest leh
  13. yellow. u got it! haha...but managed to get my ID to do a little bit more support from the top for me....
  14. My FH...i still dun understand how does his salary works...haha..but i know we are abt the same par...