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  1. Hi! Can pm or email me this contractor contact? My email is snowlette@hotmail.com thanks!!
  2. Need some advice here! Water is seeping from 3 spots through my bathroom floor tiles. I noticed it a few days ago. So we switched off the main water supply overnight and the leaking stopped. Once we on the supply the leaking starts. Problem is my whole floor and walls are tiles and the pipes are all concealed inside. So I'm not sure exactly where is the leak. In this case, do I call a plumber or a reno contractor? I know plumbers can detect the leak position, but he will also need to hack my wall/floor to fix/replace the pipe.. then I'll be left with gaping holes in my bathroom?! Even if he patches up the holes, my bathroom will look quite ugly with patches of a different look. Otherwise, if I call a reno contractor, I'll probably have to Reno my whole bathroom. It's a huge difference in terms of the time and money spent and the destruction caused. Anybody faced such similar situations before? I will really appreciate some advice here as I need to decide what to do fast. TQVM!