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  1. Hi tingshen.. yah.. the string curtains quite exp but quality is much better.. robinsons is having sales now.. 20% off.. maybe u can pop by to take a look.. determine if it's worth d price then.. !! haha.. no problem.. tt's what the forum is here for.. to share ideas & concepts.. keke.. think we got some inspiration & ideas here too.. from the fellow forumers..
  2. Hi doramo... we went to the robinsons in orchard.. think they have light colours, like white & cream colour if i am not wrong.. can go check it out..
  3. hi tingshen... we got the string curtains from Robinsons sale, at a 20% discount from the usual price of 99... as for the track, etc, it's actually from IKEA... so have to buy the things separately & drill ourselves..
  4. oopsss.. just realised that i used Mr. Wormz's account to reply the above posting.. hahaha.. blur blur me..
  5. wow.. Galaxy is niceeee.. my study room also in this colour.. keke. but will be a bit dark.. so must install brighter lights
  6. wow... so did ur friend really painted those colours???? hmm.. they are quite nice as individual colours but not mixed together.. will be like xmas trees.. keke..
  7. Hi shmj, Thanks for the compliment.. we just went ahead to paint the colours which we wanted without consulting any fengshui masters.. keke.. quite bo chup couple..
  8. Yeah man.. costs me $79 for a silly little bet .. next time no more betting & i shall keep my mouth zipped if i dun have the confidence of winning.. hahaha.. anyway, mr wormz is v hardworking... (for once)... diligently upload photos onto our blog when I complained that i will be busy doing my "homework" keke yup yup.. or can go on the weekday mornings too.. can have breakfast before shopping around.. tt's what we did.. keke.. den can spend the rest of the day at your new place..
  9. Has been a long long time since i updated on my blog.. been v busy lately.. or just to lazy to report on d progress... Yesterday, we managed to get the dining & study room lights up... Plus our MBR glass door.. keke.. finally we have a door now... Loo mantic dining lights.. look at the patterns on d wall.. And the muscular Mr. Wormz trying to modify the lights a bit here & there... Our study room lights Our toilet door.. alas Achievements today: - Managed to finish painting + touching up on all d walls (Mr. Wormz overslept, so while waiting for him, i got this done.. keke .. - Clean up d living room + MBR - Clean up MBR windows - Install dressing table & mirror - Install string curtain for MBR - Install shoe racks (Poor Mr. Wormz.. have to keep drilling holes today) - Build our shelf cabinet Today managed to finish up all the major or sort of urgent tasks.. what a relieft.. Now left with waiting part.. for our dining table, sofa & mattress tomorrow.. Can't wait.. Our string curtains from Robinsons.. Finally got it up.. Newly built cabinet.. Nice!
  10. yup yup.. think so too.. since they already delivered to your doorstep.. not nice to "reject" them too.. hahaha.. just take it and install first.. then cannot take back already.. keke
  11. Hi all, Me & hubby will be shifting to CCK Loop later part of this year... New place to both of us... realised that quite a lot of pple go to Lot One for shopping... good business.. esp d money changer at B1... forever have queue... must be very good rates.. keke... But just wondering if there are any good food around this area? cos so far what we have seen around our neighbourhood is just Lot One Foodcourt & a 24 hr coffeeshop near the bus interchange.. wondering if there are any more good places for makan?
  12. Hahaha.. thanks thanks.. we also tot that it is a very good deal luckily we got it slightly earlier before the property boom now.. **phews** Just had a busy weekend... Friday evening after work, went with Mr. Wormz to Balestier to look for fluroscent lights for our studyroom. Finally got the cheapest one we could find in Edison Lightings, thanks to Bubblepearl for the recommendation. The female staff super friendly, chatted with us for about half an hour.. haha... The nice lady also introduced a contact to us for the installation of the lighting point for this fluroscent lamp. Other than that, we have to have one more lighting point for the light which we got in KL. Dining light folded by Mr. Wormz. Kudos to him.. Saturday was a full day painting day as usual.. but the painting in the MBR took longer than expected. wonder if it's becos me & Mr. Wormz are getting sick of painting.. efficiency level drops.. luckily we are almost done with painting. left with one more black wall in the living room... We also repainted the tv console black but the paint have not fully dried yet, so can't really see the effects. Hopefully the paint will not be sticky and the results will turn out good when we go back next week. Picture of MBR without painting... Repainted MBR... In velvet dream... Today we decided to be on strike from painting and have a relaxing day.. keke... so no painting...
  13. Hi all, Me & hubby are thinking of using this song by george winston - canon in d (theme song for one of korean movie by the sassy girl actress)... one of our friends will be playing the song for us.. music is rather slow in the starting part, but gets better towards the middle. nice song.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjFBm0V1oLk
  14. hahaha.. yeah man.. initially we tot that red might be just too bold & loud.. wanted to take a darker tone of red.. still remember that when we wanted to buy the paint, the person was also shocked, said that seldom got people wanted to take this colour.. keke.. glad that we still took the "risk".. it's worth it after we see d results from painting.. okie.. to continue from yesterday... shall post more pictures, continuing from the kitchen.. My kitchen sink.. from the previous owner too.. used autosol to polish.. now it's v shiny.. as gd as new.. [bFront view of our kitchen.. & we've got a fridge, from Aik Leong @ Bukit Merah... Our hob & hood, from Delizia... dunno if it's gd.. also from the previous owner.. keke Living room.. & our storeroom, being camouflaged behind the painting... Closer up view of the painting.. Hi cornetto, urs is also v near to the mrt tracks? ours is like less than 100m away.. haha.. super loud.. but luckily i m immune to mrt track sounds already cos i m currently staying v near to one too.. poor Mr. Wormzzz got to adjust to that.. the price to pay for convenience.. Hi ranval, here you go.. more pics.. more to come shortly.. think i m an IT idiot.. **** slow in uploading pictures.. haha.. wonder if the problem's with me or the internet.. anyway, we also feel that we are lucky to get this place cos can save up quite a substantial amount on reno... keke... just need more effort to paint paint paint..
  15. Hi everyone, Thanks for the encouragement... I'm back... with some pictures to show of course.. but pardon my lousy phototaking skills.. me not a pro like Mr. Wormzzz, so have to make do with whatever u see.. Oh yah too, we are in the midst of painting, so the place is a little bit bit messy... Pls make do with whatever you see... things have been thrown around here & there.. hahaha.. View of the living room after entering the flat.. A bit messy Picture of our bold RED wall @ the dining area (repainted) Another view without the lights on View of built-in bench @ dining area Overview from my kitchen windows Think that's all for the time being.. feeling a little sleepy from the painting today.. gg to catch up on my beauty sleep..More to come shortly.. Stay tuned!