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  1. www.streetsine,com you can see the unit numbers easier to analyze if you are buying a condo.
  2. Congratulations, that's a nice area. I'm looking for a place near braddell...
  3. Hi. What are the SVS subs You carry and Indicative pricing?
  4. Don't think so. Just check and still fairly high.. But those are like nearer to town or old airport road..
  5. 1- Valuations of properties are NEVER done by banks but rather, 3rd party valuers 2- Most private banks do not have mortgage businesses. Some like DBS, UOB or OCBC/Bank of Singapore ride on their retail mortgage divisions. On rare occasions a private bank might allow the client to pledge an unencumbered private property and offer a facility. 3- Different valuation companies/valuers might have a different way of assessing the value of a property. Generally an average over a few valuations provide a better estimate.
  6. Aiyah both of you like can already.. No need to think so much now.
  7. Oh ****. 162 is a little far.. Cov wasn't that high I hope. I used to stay at 117. Quite near to walk over to mrt and east point.. Rx8 abit overkill.. Bicycle can Liao. Cycle to mrt. No road tax no parking fees no insurance no petrol costs. No need take loan..
  8. How hard is it to sell now? Property prices now all time high....
  9. Fringe? Nearer to where? Simei is a small place so I don't think it will be that big an issue. Hahah.. Super platinum no big deal la... I used to have one of those shiny moderator medals too.. Doesn't mean that Reno got discount. Kekeke
  10. Not yet. Thinking whether should buy now or wait it out. Been bit busy also.. How are you?
  11. I've stayed in Singapore for donkey years and PR for for 10 years. Gahment never ask me to be citizen... Maybe i don't earn enough money.. BTW, folks buying NV residence. Do note that there's half a chance might need to endure construction around the neighbourhood.. I think there are at least another 2 plots of land designated for condo beside it.