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  1. snoozee, thank you for the input. Will try to contact StarHub.
  2. Btw, what is this called? Anyone has links to SCV box? Thank you.
  3. Any bros can advise whether can we get SCV to remove this since we are no longer using SCV.
  4. Good deal, possible to share your pool maintenance team? Thank you.
  5. This is the problem with Design and Build companies. Below the work starts, you will have to pay a deposit up front, for your case, $100k. Many pay more than $100k.
  6. Mine 3.5 years old, yet sheds everyday. I do agree daily comb helps in the minimising daily sheds. Thanks.
  7. My advise is to look for a more reputable architect and not those cheap architect. Also remember to engage own contractor for tender exercise. Reason to engage a reputable architect is that they will not collude with the contractor (many instances of architect and contractor colluding). ALWAYS REMEMBER, architect, contractor, PE, RTO & even QS MUST BE INDENDENT. Also, interview as many contractor as possible and also check on their background history (ACRA search if possible) in the trade. Check and compare all their quotes. Never let a low quotation tempt you, check and ask yourself why did they quoted so low compare to others.
  8. Hi, Saw that you have a GR. May I know how do you deal with the daily fur shedding? And do you have fur problems appearing in the pond?
  9. So many new accounts, just create to recommend Sky Creation?
  10. We upgraded during construction, cost us $8,800.00 + GST $616.00 = $9,416.00
  11. By adding and extend part of the house, I assume it is just an A&A work. You don't need an architect for A&A work and can be done by any builder or contractor.