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  1. Yes we did and you are right. We are selling back to the grid. I lucked out because I found a really good guy to do this work. He has a lot of passion in getting the job done right and best cost. I’m very happy with him. PM me if you like his contact.
  2. So what happened? I have a same recent experience with mine. It’s horrible to hire inexperienced company.
  3. Hi, I’m looking for a contractor to finish up some work left by my previous hopeless contractor. Willing to pay slightly higher price to get that done nicely. Please contact me.
  4. I would like to give an update on the progress of my A&A on inter terrace. We bought a 2070 sqft land with 1500 build up terrace and needed to extend front and back of the house to add build in area with additional ensuite bedroom. The search for a builder was daunting because we have architect that quoted us almost $750k to builders quoted $150k. In the end, we went with the second lowest quote because we are more comfortable with this builder. Our requirement was to be functional, minimize wastage, build the space we need and deliver on time. We wanted progressive updates matches with the payment schedule. Avoid variation orders and open communication. I have to say, my experience so far with my builder has been excellent. He is not perfect but he has a good attitude and most importantly trust worthy. He gives us comfort that he is always watching out for us and provide us with budget conscious options. The subcontractors he uses are reliable and the entire project was always need and tidy. He cultivate good relationships with my neighbors which make things easy for us. Where there are VO, the quote he source for us have been very competitive ( yes I did my comparison and research). We had to put in an RC Trench and chose to upgraded 3 phase electrical connection. We are scheduled to complete by Christmas for move in. So far he gave us confidence of the progress. Of course it's yet to be seen but I wanted to give him a fair comment up to this point. I have to agree with some of the comments that this experience is very dependent on picking the right people to work with and so far we have been quite lucky. That said, on our part, we recognize that we have to be reasonable ourselves, be collaborative and work on making this a pleasant experience for everyone. I will continue to provide updates as I progress along i hope this is helpful for anyone going through this same process as us. I am happy to help answer any questions to the best of my knowledge.
  5. Actually my builder managed to find me a pretty good deal and I'm very happy working with him so far. We are scheduled to move in before Christmas and looking at the progress I am confident that will be achievable.
  6. My contractor initially factored $5k for electrical on a A&A contract for our inter terrace Reno but then ask if we want to change from single to 3 phase with additional amount of $3800.
  7. Hi, anyone has any experience with changing their house from single phase to three phase wiring? Anyone knows if this is a good idea to change and how much would i normally cost? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  8. Thanks Snooze. My contractor quoted me $10K for mine but mine is 1m deep.
  9. Hi Snooze, can I ask how much did you eventually had to pay for your RC trench? I am having the same problem and like to know the cost. Very unfortunate. thanks, goodenf
  10. Hi Metalstab, Would you mind share your builder with me? I am looking for a good reliable Design and build to handle my A&A. Much appreciated goodenf@live.com
  11. Hi, Yes, I am interested to know your experience with the builder too. Would you be willing to recommend your builder? Much appreciated
  12. hi John, Did you like your builder? would you recommend them? I recently bought a inter terrace and looking to add a bedroom with ensuite bathroom + some build in area on the 1st floor too. Would be great to have some recommended builder. Much appreciated.