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  1. Talking to some architects recently for inter-terrace A&A, anyone care to share experience with Chen+Choi? Understand that several members here have engaged them before.
  2. Hi, would u recommend your carpenter based on his works so far? If yes, care to share his contact?
  3. Hi Twinklecloud, would u care to share your review of the ID's service and quality? What do u like and dislike? Thanks in advance!
  4. Big place u got n good layout! My two cents worth: don't place your bedhead against the toilet, bad fengsui and also noisy when pp flush! Better to have your bed facing the window so that u wake up to some nice views!
  5. have u bought it? i made a deposit for it (model HBT 1699) late last year and has yet to exercise the purchase, thinking of transferring it to someone. Price is at $2688, i paid a deposit of $300 for it. Let me know if u r interested (sms me at 91725656). Comes with free gift of computer chair and 12" lamp.